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We all have things about our jobs that irk us, whether it’s our particular role, the people around us, or the types of clients we have to interact with. A group of employees from all different industries took to a popular forum to vent their frustrations about small things that really annoy them, and here’s what they came up with. Do you see anything that you can relate to?

1. People Pretending To Have Food Allergies

Man or chef cookingMan or chef cooking
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Chefs often have to deal with various food requests from guests. One person said they don’t mind making accommodations, but they hate when someone claims to be allergic to something that they really just don’t like. 

The chef says, “I understand people are actually allergic to some items, but I struggle to believe that all four people on one table at my 12 p.m. sitting happen to be “allergic” to green Madagascar peppercorns.”

2. Unanswered Questions in an Email

Answering EmailsAnswering Emails
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I have plenty of experience with this issue myself, and it’s very annoying for the person who sends the email. When you ask multiple questions and the recipient only answers the first or last one they saw, you end up having to resend the email with the remaining questions. Eventually, it starts to look like you’re being a pest, when in actuality, please do something as simple as ensuring that you’ve answered each question before replying!

3. Unnecessary Meetings 

Gender diversity officeGender diversity office
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A few users discussed how much they hate attending unnecessary meetings. For those who work from home, it’s even more tedious to get up and go to the office because the director wants to meet about something that can be addressed through an email. It’s along the same lines as unnecessary training, as both are long and boring and may not even be applicable or valuable to all of the attendees. 

4. People Not Fixing Simple IT Problems

Workplace RageWorkplace Rage
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Some forum contributors work in IT, and they said they hate when people get a message on the computer screen about what’s wrong, and they immediately close it and call for help. Part of the problem is that the message could have allowed the individual to fix the problem themselves, or at the very least, they could supply it to the IT person. That way, the tech rep doesn’t have to waste so much time going through all the options to determine what’s wrong with the device. 

5. Obnoxious Coworkers 

Coworkers TalkingCoworkers Talking
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I think this problem is universal across most fields, as there’s always the one person who wants everyone to know how “awesome” they are. One of the respondents mentioned that they have someone at their job who always has to “one up” them, so to speak. 

For example, if the person takes a trip to a specific city, the coworker has to come around and say how they’ve been to this place and that place, seen almost every country in the world, they have a ton of souvenirs, etc. It’s draining to be around someone so insecure about themselves or self-absorbed that they must continually remind everyone of their existence and accomplishments. 

6. Customers With False Expectations 

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If you’ve ever worked in the entertainment industry, you’re familiar with the client that comes in with false expectations. Your boss expects you to have a mentality like the customer is always right, but sometimes, they’re just flat-out wrong. 

For example, a wedding dress consultant says she often experiences women who see models in magazines, and when they come to try on the same dress, they’re disappointed. The consultant feels like the customer overlooks the fact that they don’t have the same body type or looks as the person in the photo, so they start complaining and making the consultant’s job difficult for no reason. 

7. Changing a Password Each Month

Woman Being Surprised By Stupid PeopleWoman Being Surprised By Stupid People
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With all of the cybercrime going around, I understand that businesses have certain protocols in place to protect sensitive information. However, it’s frustrating as an employee to constantly change your password every month for various accounts, and then sometimes, you still get hacked anyway.

A couple of commenters said they have a zillion accounts at work, are not allowed to use the same password for each, and have difficulty remembering the most recent change.  

8. Schmoozing

Avoiding PeopleAvoiding People
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Ah, yes, the art of schmoozing. Not only do I hate having to interact with large groups of people at once, it’s even worse when I don’t like them. Sometimes the job calls for constant schmoozing to make a deal, such as in the case of a car dealer or another type of salesman or businessman. “It’s even worse when you have to do it with your bosses to get a promotion,” states one of the forum members. 

9. Receiving Emails

Upset confused african woman holding cellphone having problem with mobile phone, frustrated angry mixed race girl reading bad news in message looking at smartphone annoyed by spam or missed callUpset confused african woman holding cellphone having problem with mobile phone, frustrated angry mixed race girl reading bad news in message looking at smartphone annoyed by spam or missed call
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If you work in an environment where nearly everything gets done and communicated via digital means, you might hate getting so many emails from various people throughout the day. This is a serious annoyance for those who work from home because nearly 90 percent of your correspondence will be through emails and chats. It can get tiring having to respond to a hundred emails every day, especially if you’re the go-to person for a specific type of problem. 

10. Uninvolved Managers

Annoying ManAnnoying Man
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Have you ever worked in a place where the manager doesn’t want to be bothered but gets irritated when someone institutes a new policy they don’t like? Those types of managers are the worst. Essentially, they want the power without the responsibility and involvement needed to be an effective leader. 

They want to go uninterrupted during the day but complain if someone doesn’t check with them first before making a rule or changing things. Then, everyone gets yelled at because the boss can’t make up their mind about how much they want to be consulted and how much they want to be left alone at the job. 

11. Answering the Phone

Customer ServiceCustomer Service
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I’ve worked in a call center before, and despite understanding the duties of the position, I hated answering the phones. Sometimes the customers were rude, and you had to swallow your pride to calm them down, and other times the hours just dragged on, and it became so boring to do the same action over and over again. It’s one of those things where you know what you’re signing up for, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a monotonous position. 

12. Inward-Opening Letterbox

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A postal worker wastes no time in talking about how much he hates letterboxes that have springs and open inwardly instead of pulling them open. He expressed that the springs are pretty powerful, and he had often gotten his fingers slammed in the opening or his skin pinched at the last second when the door snaps closed. 

He wished everyone would have a standard mailbox or letterbox that he could open and place/slide the letter in and not always worry about yanking his hand back quickly. 

13. Changing the Name on Files

Annoyed EmployeeAnnoyed Employee
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When a file gets sent, and somehow, along the way, people are saving it to their device and renaming it something else, it messes up everything, said one person who gets annoyed when they can’t locate a file for this reason. 

If people keep changing the name of the files, it’s hard to keep up with whether each person is receiving the same documents. Then people think they haven’t gotten something they did if they see someone else with it under a different title. It’s a mess!

14. Writing Minutes 

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While writing minutes is helpful, it can be very boring. Some people on the forum felt that those who missed the meeting should reach out independently to get a breakdown of what was said. Of course, in my opinion, it’s less efficient to respond to each person individually instead of just sending the document to everyone, but to each his own. It’s definitely boring to write up, but it should be as short and to the point as possible anyway. 

15. People Ordering Fries With No Salt

McDonald's MealMcDonald's Meal
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This problem was funny to me because I used to work at McDonald’s and thought it was aggravating when someone asked for fries with no salt because they wanted to ensure that they got fresh fries and not old ones. 

Some people do have issues with salt intake, so I get it, but it was still annoying when you had to wait extra time to drop a batch of fries, and it’s a 17-year-old with no issues at all who just wanted hot fries.  

Source: Reddit.

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