4 Major Ways Omega-3s Provide Whole-Body Support As You Age* – Lifotravel


If it isn’t clear by now, omega-3s are superstars at helping us support all areas of our health as we age.* However, the true challenge is consuming enough omega-3s to reach an optimal omega-3 status throughout life.

While eating two or more servings of fatty fish each week, per the American Heart Association’s recommendations12, is an excellent way to support healthy omega-3 levels, eating that much fish simply isn’t practical (or feasible) for many Americans. Furthermore, two fish a week is simply the baseline recommendation—1 gram or more of EPA and DHA is considered a superior daily dose for cardioprotective benefits (a cornerstone of longevity).*

As many of the studies discussed above suggest, taking a high-quality omega-3 supplement daily is an easy and effective way to maintain optimal omega-3 levels.* Consider adding a fish oil supplement, such as mindbodygreen’s omega-3 potency+, to your daily routine for a high-potency, sustainable, and traceable source of marine omega-3s—guaranteed. And for more picks, check out our omega-3 supplement roundup.

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