Diner Criticizes Mockery Of Joe Biden In Fox & Friends Interview At Iowa Cafe – Lifotravel


A diner at an Iowa cafe veered from the right-wing vibe on “Fox & Friends” by complaining about the mockery of President Joe Biden Friday. (Watch the video below.)

Then the interview took another surprising turn.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt was working the room at a restaurant for customers’ take on the issues. She asked one woman, Donna, if the economy was a factor for her, and Donna went in another direction.

“One of the things that bothers me is I’m five days younger than the president and I said, I gimp — my walk has a gimp and I forget things once in a while,” Donna said, eliciting an “awww” from Earhardt.

“But I feel that he has been put out before people and being made fun of all the time,” she continued. “And I would hope to think that my family would not do that to me.”

The comment prompted another “awww” from Earhardt, who wasn’t prepared for what she heard next. “And I feel that Jill Biden should … feel very badly for what she’s doing,” Donna said, appearing to blame the first lady for exposing him to the barbs.

“Wow,” Earhardt said.

The president likely has a lot more on his mind than getting ridiculed. A recent Wall Street Journal poll indicated that Biden and Republican front-runner Donald Trump would be tied in a general election despite Trump’s four indictments. And a CNN poll released Thursday showed GOP longshot Nikki Haley comfortably beating Biden in a general election while the incumbent was ahead of only Vivek Ramaswamy in other hypothetical matchups.


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