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Healthy Benefits Of Playing Video Games

The negative thought of parents towards video games is alarming especially when they see their kids do more of the video games like Rule 34 Apex Legends than studying, but do you know how the healthy benefits of playing video games affects your kids mind?

Researchers have proved that video games help in all ramifications both health wise and social too. There are several key health benefits of playing video games. The following are the highlights.


7 Key health benefits of playing video games.


  • Memory growth;  There are most times people get to forget quickly. You may forget something in the room, getting to the room to pick what you forgot, you can’t place what it is anymore. Video games help you comprehend your activities in real life.
  • It helps relieve stress; Having a long hectic day at work or an annoying day at school being bullied by the other students,gives you that sad face. The only alternative is to feel relieved from all those memories of a long day into a world where you interact and strategize on the next move and next level to obtain. Being occupied on how to strategize, relieve you from the stress and boost your mood.
  • It boosts mental fitness: There are many depressing situations that could cause one to have persistent sadness, for instance accident, trauma. Accident when one lose a limb or legs, the feeling of being a boredom to your partner will always be there, there is always feeling of loneliness and  not being accepted, hardly talk to someone but in the world of video games, gives you that distraction from those feeling, alleviates your mood and makes you feel wanted once more, after the game you may feel like talking to someone about the game, how you won the second level and so on. It helps you to recover from such traumatic situations easily.

Healthy Benefits Of Playing Video Games

  • Video games are therapeutic; Situation and circumstances or experiences that make one feel downgraded and awkward in handling some situations. The world of video games, revolve in how to strategize and improve to get to another level in the game, makes you think fast and know the next move to follow in order to achieve another level in the game.
  •  It helps to make you think fast; The world of video games is like a puzzle, you need to crack your brain on how to achieve the next level of the game and win. Playing with a partner you have to analyze ways in order to beat your partner and win the game.
  • It boosts patients with depressing illnesses; A patient who has a chronic illness could use video games as a means of distraction from thinking about their current situation and hope for being normal and living a normal life in the real world.
  •  A theory of the mind; Video games are sensitive to the mind, you have the be focused on the next move to make to win the game, you have to be active and alert with your brain. Here you have made  good use of both the left and right brain in order to solve mystical puzzles.


There are other healthful benefits such as the following

✓ It helps to relieve cravings and addiction.

✓ It helps to boost vision.

✓ It helps to boost mood, happiness and well being.

✓ It helps in multi-tasking and decision making.

✓ It helps relieve pain and depression.

✓ It coordinates the mind.



Video games have another social security of making an introvert become social, it makes one flexible and can easily make friends when played with someone in the public. It makes a dull kid alert and active in the real world.
It boosts more advantages, not just about sitting down with all focus on the screen, it affects the child / adult in one way or the other. Parents should allow their kids to solve some puzzles by playing video games once in a while.


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