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How to Make Corona virus Mask_ Know the Simple Steps Today


40BC347D DA7C 4894 896C BF80E3804C31Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world and is increasing its impact day by day. Its quick-spreading tendency is very harmful to the world, and due to this, positive cases have reached above 48 lakhs and the total number of deaths reaching more than 315k. The majority of the countries of the world are locked down to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. 

Social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers to wash the hands, staying at home are some of the effective measures that WHO has put before us to prevent ourselves from getting infected. Following these preventive measures surely help, and one can protect himself/herself from getting infected and protect his/her family as well. 

Wearing masks is essential amid this tough time, whenever we go out of the house to buy the essential commodities, one has to wear the cover to keep the virus particles away from entering our body. Our mouth is the entry point for the virus to come inside our system, so if one has worn the mask, then there are very fewer chances of getting infected. 

Currently, the situation is so critical that masks are out of stock in some parts of the world. Suppose this is the case for you as well then, no need to worry as you can make a mask at home too. Today, we will guide you on how to make coronavirus mask, so just stay on the track and know how to get it done. 

Let us first have a look at the different fabric materials that can be used to prepare a mask. 


  • What Coronavirus can Mask Materials be used?


There are a lot of materials that can be used to prepare a face mask. One has to check two things for the content: it should be thick enough to capture the virus particles and second that it should be breathable. According to tests conducted, pillowcase and 100% cotton t-shirt are the best materials that can be used to prepare a face mask as they have a good virus particle capturing capacity and good breathability too. 



Now, let us have a look at the steps to prepare a mask.

Let us make one from a t-shirt first. Making a t-shirt face mask is very simple. All you need is one old t-shirt that you are no longer using and one scissor. 

Step 1: 

Take the t-shirt and cut the bottom part of it. This detached part will have the shape of a rectangle. Take a big portion of the bottom part such that it fully covers your mouth well. 

Step 2: 

Now, you have to cut a rectangle of 6-7 inches in the detached part that you just cut. After cutting this out, the left-out portion in the detached part will serve you as your mask.  

Step 3:

Now, you have to cut out the strings on the edges. Then, you will be able to tie the mask on your ears, on your neck, or wherever you feel comfortable. 

So, here is your mask ready. Make sure that it should be covering your nose and your mouth properly to protect you from the virus particles. This was the simplest way of making a mask at home where you just need your old t-shirt and one scissor to cut it out. 

Your mask can be made available within no time using this method. No sewing job is required in this, so if you don’t know how to sew, then also it is fine… With this, you can make multiple masks for all your family members within a couple of minutes and can wear it when you go out of your house. If you have a long t-shirt, then the same t-shirt can be used to make more than one mask from it. 

You can make one from the bandana as well. Bandana is a colorful piece of cloth that people use to tie at their head or around their neck. You can use two rubber bands and tie them to the bandana and then wear them in the form of a mask. It has a good thickness, so it will help capture the virus particles and will allow you to breathe as well. 


  • How to remove the face mask after using it?


After you are done using the face mask and want to remove it from your face, then you have to make sure that you remove it in such a way that your mask doesn’t touch your nose, mouth, and eyes. 

Because it might be infected, and you don’t want the virus to enter your body via these entry points. Also, immediately wash your hands after you remove the mask.

Keep washing the mask in the washing machine regularly.



021447EE C0D6 4C57 972C 520B49AB9EDAIf you don’t have a face mask and are not able to make one at home as well, then use a handkerchief instead. The handkerchief is also a good way to protect your face against the COVID-19 virus. Tie the scarf around your face covering your nose and mouth. 

Use any small cloth or fabric to cover your mouth but never go out of your house without covering your mouth. Whether you go out to bring the food items, groceries, milk, or to bring the medicines, whatever the purpose is, a face mask should always be on your face amid this corona pandemic.

So, here was an overview of the DIY coronavirus mask. Now, no worries, even if you don’t get the mask from the market, make one at home and start using it. Stay at home and stay safe!

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