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Popular Birthday Cake Trends 2020

“Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.”Here’s to you growing a year older and wiser. Here’s to you making some love-filled memories with your dear ones – eating, drinking, and marking this special milestone over a birthday cake. Birthday cakes are the very essence of every birthday party.“Popular Birthday Cake Trends 2020”

No matter how old you grow, a birthday cake is something that you will need to grace this special day of your life. And as the world of baking is changing, now and then, there are a lot of cake options that are made available. As some of these cakes have taken the world by storm, every dessert lover has to give it a shot on their birthday to make it a remarkable event. Check out these popular cake trends of 2020 that have delighted us all.

Popular Birthday Cake Trends 2020

1. Fault Line Cake.

Some might end up calling it a disaster, while others like to call it an abstract piece of art. This cake has gained much of its popularity due to its invisible layer peeping through the midsection and embellished with a contrasting color, pattern, or other such fancy edible embellishments.

2. Textured Buttercream Cake

The finishing of the cake is what makes it look appealing in our eyes. But who cares to go the usual, annoying way. Right? Hence, our buttercream cake has been given a roughed up/ textured appeal to result in causing beautiful yet purposeful destruction. “Popular Birthday Cake Trends 2020”

2. Naked Cake.

As unique as it appears to be, these cakes are here to stay for long now. They are so gorgeous that it can make your birthday a voguish affair, they are so delightful in its taste that you don’t even have to think about trying something else on your birthdays. Hence order a naked cake online in Gurgaon, Delhi, or any other part of the world, where you are residing if your birthday is approaching at a Usain Bolt speed. 

3. Half Wrapped Cake.

Justifying its name totally, these kinds of cakes are a significant hit in the cake history for its innovative twist with its layer. A regular frosted cake with a contrasting over-layer on the base is created to give it a half-covered layer. It might seem the cake has been left crafted the midway or was a mess while creating it. But in the eyes of the artist, it will be said to be the perfect epitome of sheer beauty. 

4. Fresh Cream Gateaux.

Let’s go old-school! As it is noted that every trend that rises comes back from a year older direction which used to exist but disappeared due to the constant cake revolution. In the 1940s, a cake was filled with some fresh whipped cream, that was topped up with fresh fruits and dipped in a shiny glaze that is precisely what we now call fresh cream gateaux. A classic cake that doesn’t just look amazing but tastes even better seems like a perfect idea to celebrate a birthday over. Isn’t it?

5. Sugar-Free And Low-Carbs Cake.

As the world is becoming more health-conscious these days, the urge to relish something like sugar-free and low carbs cake is much needed. For all those who don’t prefer eating healthy due to it not being so tasty, have to give this kind of cake a try to know what kind of magic it has on the mind, heart and taste buds. 

So, these were a few of our picks for the top cake trends 2020. Which one was your favorite?

“Popular Birthday Cake Trends 2020”

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