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Ears are a vital sense organ. Other than allowing us to hear, ears have other internal functions. The parts of the inner ear are delicate, and it is essential to clean your ears with care and precision. Getting overzealous with ear cleaning can hurt the eardrum or inner ear walls, which can lead to hearing issues. Ears produce earwax that most people don’t want to talk about. They think it’s not relevant and avoid any discussions related to it. The truth is, excess earwax can lead to serious ear issues. Do you often feel itchy inside your ear? Do you have a hearing issue? It can result from excess earwax build up.

Consult an ENT specialist for earwax removal

The body has its way of cleaning and clearing toxins and staying in good order. However, at times a little hand-holding help. Do you need a professional ear wax removal? If you are unaware, the following pointers can help you:

At times, earwax gets stuck inside and gets impacted. This impaction takes place when the cerumen gets pushed out from the ear canal and accumulates. The accumulated wax gets hardened and blocks a significant part of the ear canal. Most people visit an ENT to resolve impacted cerumen. Children and adults both suffer from this condition. If you are having hearing issues, it might be because of excess ear wax issues.

Do you scour your ears using a cotton swab? If yes, chances are you will develop more of earwax impaction. The common reasons for impaction are cleaning the ear using cotton buds, rolled napkins, and bobby pins. When you are cleaning your ear with such tools, it removes only a part of the earwax. What many don’t realize that it’s pushing the remaining ear wax inside the ear. And at times, it can result in eardrum puncture and also scratch the ear lining, which leads to infection and pain. It can also damage your eardrum has well.

There are a few signs that suggest you have excess earwax build-ups, such as ear pain, dizziness, ear ringing, ear fluid drainage, and itching. Some people also witness fullness inside their ears, as if they are wearing earplugs.

Reasons to check with an ENT specialist

Ear issues usually occur on the inside, which is difficult for us to scan and remedy. Only a trained ENT consultant can conduct the necessary tests and suggest the proper course of action. At times, the problem might be slightly more critical than earwax build-up, which requires prolonged medical treatment. Take note of symptoms and share the same with your ENT specialist for him/her to arrive at the best treatment.

According to the latest studies and research, impacted earwax has resulted in decreased hearing ability for most people. Based on a few reviews, about 35% of patients in a hospital, who are over 65 years suffered from earwax impaction. And close to 75% of these patients experienced better hearing the moment the earwax got removed. Its time that you get concerned and aware of the need to get earwax cleaned professionally.



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