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Dealing with Landlords: How to Maintain a Positive Relationship

Maintaining a positive relationship with your landlord can be challenging. Many things go into a successful working relationship, and the relationship can dwindle if expectations are not met. In this article, we cover how to deal with landlords when issues arise and how to maintain a positive rapport regardless of what comes your way.


Get To Know Your Landlord

Before you decide on a place to call home, make sure you can trust your landlord. It is essential that you not only like your unit but that you can count on your landlord. Sometimes, repairs and urgent matters occur, and it’s up to the landlord to address these concerns. Ensure that you feel the person who owns the property is trustworthy before you commit to renting from them.


Understand The Rental Terms And Conditions 

Don’t rush into renting before you understand the terms and conditions. Ensure you understand what forms are needed and why specific information must be given to the potential landlord. Inquire about any used credit check for landlords, so you can also stay aware of how these checks may influence your financial standing and credit profile.

Go over the lease terms and contract together before you sign anything. Likewise, be sure to clearly understand the expectations for the conditions that must be met before signing the lease agreement.


For example, know your landlord’s policy on pets, setting up Wi-Fi in your apartment, and other aspects of renting that are likely to come up during your time living at their unit. 

Get A Contact Number

Get A Contact Number

Some rental properties are placed through agencies that maintain more distance between the tenant and the landlord. There may be a middleman or property management company that addresses rental requests and concerns. 


Whether you are dealing with an agency or not, ensure you have a reliable contact number that puts you in touch with the person responsible for addressing any concerns you may have while renting. 


You should be able to get a hold of the property manager or another person in charge so you’re not left with neglected rental needs, such as the need for pest control services.  



Keep It Cordial

Avoid arguments and disputes with your landlord by always keeping things cordial. Understandably, frustrations may arise when your living arrangements go differently than planned. However, to maintain a positive relationship, the landlord and the tenants must stay professional and emotionally calm with each other. Keeping the peace will avoid placing strain on your relationship and make it more likely that your needs are met with less pushback or delay.


Give Enough Notice

A frequent issue that causes problems between tenants and landlords is a lack of notice before specific events occur. If a landlord plans to stop by the rental property, they should inform their tenants at least 24 hours before giving them time. 


Additionally, rental price changes should be specified and expressed to tenants well before the lease terms are to be changed. For tenants, do not inform your landlord that you will be late on rent too late into the month, or this could cause an issue for the landlord and interfere with the success of your working relationship with them. 


Communicate Effectively And Follow Through 

To maintain a positive tenant-landlord relationship, communicate effectively and follow through on your end. The expectations that are met and the positive interactions you have with one another will benefit your professional relationship over time. Stay consistent with these actions, and there is no reason your relationship will not stay on a winning streak. 


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