How Caffeine Consumption Can Impact Your Metabolism & Weight* – Lifotravel


A 2019 analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials—with a total of 606 participants—found that higher caffeine intake6 was linked to greater reductions in weight, body mass index, and fat mass. 

And its effects are even more pronounced when paired with EGCG, a famous phytonutrient in green tea.

That’s because caffeine promotes the release of adrenaline7 (a hormone that boosts metabolism and fat oxidation). EGCG prolongs the amount of time adrenaline circulates in the blood before being broken down—extending that boost of metabolism.* 

One study including 76 people found that high caffeine intake was associated with greater weight loss8, fat mass loss, and reductions in waist circumference than those consuming lower amounts of caffeine. 

However, consuming a green tea caffeine mixture helped promote weight maintenance for habitual low-caffeine consumers.

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