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Looking for a film to enjoy this Grandparents’ Day? From comedies and fantasy to adventures and old classics, we have a list of fantastic films destined to entertain movie lovers of every age!

So grab the popcorn, snag a comfy seat on the couch, and get cozy. It’s time to make movie memories together. 

1. Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Swiss Family RobinsonSwiss Family Robinson
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson is a story of adventure, survival and pirates! After a shipwreck on their way to New Guinea, a Swiss family finds themselves on a deserted tropical island. Their ship is too damaged to escape, so they make a home around a large tree house. All ages will enjoy watching the family learn to survive on the island while living with an uncertain future. 

2. Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

Fried Green TomatoesFried Green Tomatoes
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Fried Green Tomatoes is a movie from 1991 about a housewife who is tired of her everyday life. But when she meets an older lady at a nursing home and she tells the stories from her youth and about the people she used to know. In turn, the two women help each other and form a wonderful friendship.

3. Back to The Future (1985)

Back to the FutureBack to the Future
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Michael J. Fox is the epitome of cool as he plays Marty McFly, a high school student who travels 30 years back in time in a DeLorean invented by his older and quirky scientist friend, Doc Brown. The 1950s setting is nostalgic, the music is fun, and the storyline will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, even if you’ve already seen this classic a dozen times.

4. Forrest Gump (1994)

Forrest GumpForrest Gump
Image Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Tom Hanks plays Forrest Gump, a simple man from Alabama with an IQ of 75 whose main desire is to reunite with Jenny, his childhood sweetheart. The funny and heartwarming story spans the history of the United States from the 1950s to the ’70s and relays a simple message: anyone can love anyone.

5. The Wizard of Oz (1939)

The Wizard of OzThe Wizard of Oz
Image Credit: Loew’s, Inc./Warner Home Video.

This 1939 family favorite follows Dorothy and her dog, Toto, as they’re swept away by a tornado from their farm in Kansas to the magical land of Oz. Judy Garland is mesmerizing as she follows the infamous yellow brick road to find a wizard who can help her return home. 

The Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man are especially loved by little ones as they watch the three fantasy characters join Dorothy and Toto in their quest. 

6. Meet The Parents (2000)

Meet the ParentsMeet the Parents
Image Credit: Universal Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures through United International Pictures.

This PG-13 film is better for older grandchildren. While its premise involves a love story between Greg Focker, a Chicago nurse, and Pam, a schoolteacher, the actual dynamic duo here is Greg and Pam’s father, Jack.

With plans to propose to Pam, Greg wants to get Jack’s approval. But after a hectic weekend at Pam’s parents’ house, Greg keeps falling further into trouble. Comedy ensues repeatedly, making it impossible to watch without laughing.

7. Mary Poppins (1964)

Mary PoppinsMary Poppins
Image Credit: Buena Vista Distribution Company, Inc.

Whether you watch Julie Andrews in 1964 or Emily Blunt in 2022, Mary Poppins will bring boomers and their grandparents on a magical adventure right alongside the Banks family. Why not do a double feature and watch both?

8. Roman Holiday (1953)

Roman HolidayRoman Holiday
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

This 1953 rom-com starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck brings pure joy. Hepburn plays a princess who needs a break from being the center of social events and the dreadful paparazzi. Seeking new adventures, she flees from her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman. (Peck).

Audrey Hepburn won a well-deserved Academy Award for her charming performance in Roman Holiday

9. Blackbeard’s Ghost (1968)

Blackbeards GhostBlackbeards Ghost
Image Credit: Buena Vista Distribution.

The notorious Pirate Blackbeard (former scoundrel) is cursed to wander a small New England town until he finally performs a good deed. Blackbeard gets his chance when he teams up with a local track coach with a team that has no chance of winning. This Disney classic will entertain boomers and grandkids alike.

10. Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)

Support Your Local SheriffSupport Your Local Sheriff
Image Credit: United Artists.

When treasure is found in a grave in a small Colorado town, a gold rush erupts. Law and order are out of the question, as everyone’s too intent on searching for gold. Jason McCullough (James Garner) is a clever gunslinger. He arrives and takes a job as the de facto lawman. Despite his combination of skill and wit, McCullough’s ingenuity is tested.

11. Pollyanna (1960)

Buena Vista DistributionBuena Vista Distribution
Image Credit: Buena Vista Distribution

Pollyanna (Hayley Mills) is a young orphan who believes pragmatism and positive attitudes can solve life’s most difficult problems. However, when Pollyanna moves in with her stern and cold aunt, her upbeat outlook is challenged. Pollyanna offers important lessons in the magic of optimism and determination.

12. Dear Brigitte (1965)

Dear BrigitteDear Brigitte
Image Credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

An absent-minded poet, Professor Robert Leaf (James Stewart), must face the fact that his colorblind son is a math prodigy in love with Brigitte Bardot, the French bombshell. Dear Brigitte is quirky, funny, and light. 

13. Miracle (2004)

Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

Whether or not you like hockey, Miracle will make your heart race. Based on a true story, the movie is about the 1980 U.S. Hockey team during the Cold War. The movie focuses on Herb Brooks, the real-life player turned coach who led the team to victory against the Soviet squad.

14. Blast From The Past (1999)

blast from the pastblast from the past
Image Credit: New Line Cinema.

A romantic movie that deserves more love, Blast from the Past is a mix of modern and retro vibes and has an all-star cast with Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, and Sissy Spacek.

A bomb scare in the 1960s forced the Weber family into their bomb shelter for 35 years. When their son, Adam (Fraser), finally ventures out in search of food and supplies for his family, he meets Eve (Silverstone), who agrees to help him.

15. Paddington (2014)

Image Credit: StudioCanal.

Paddington is a very sweet film about a little bear who has traveled to London, looking for a new home. Now in a new world, his chaotic ways make troubles and fun adventures for his new family with the Browns. Paddington is such a cute movie that grandparents and little kids will love every moment of it.

16. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice
Image Credit: Focus Features.

Jane Austen adaptations have something for everyone, and the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice will be one your parents and grandparents will love. The classic tale of the Bennet sisters as they find love and individuality is so well done in this adaptation of the movie. 

17. The Parent Trap (1961 and 1998)

The Parent TrapThe Parent Trap
Image Credit: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution.

There are two versions of The Parent Trap (1961 and 1998), and both are excellent. The storyline is cute and suspenseful. Two identical twins are separated at birth when their parents divorce. One lives with their father, and the other lives with their mother. Reunited years later at summer camp, the girls switch places and plot to get their parents back together.

18. A League of Their Own (1992)

A League of Their OwnA League of Their Own
Image Credit: Columbia Pictures.

During World War II, women started playing professional baseball while the men were fighting in the war. A League of Their Own tells the stories of the women who played in the professional league, especially the two sisters who make a big splash. If you watch with your grandparents, they might have stories they heard growing up of friends or family who might have played in the league. 

19. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It HotSome Like It Hot
Image Credit: United Artists.

Some Like It Hot is a classic Marilyn Monroe movie that will have the whole family laughing. When two male musicians witness a mob hit, they hit the road and take the only job they know of, spots in an all-female band. The two men pretend to be women to keep their jobs, but it gets more difficult to hide in plain sight as they start to fall for the talented Sugar Kane (Monroe).

20. Singin’ in The Rain (1952)

Singin In The RainSingin In The Rain
Image Credit: Loew’s Inc.

Singin’ in the Rain is an infamous movie-musical with wonderful songs and dance numbers that will have the whole family entertained. As old Hollywood actors are getting ready to move from silent films to talkies, the entire industry is thrown into chaos as everyone makes the big switch over. Add some romance, backstabbing, and comedy into the mix and you get a wonderful movie to watch with everyone.

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