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Work Demotivation 101: The Causes and Surefire Ways To Get Your Drive Back

Upon entering the professional world, work demotivation is a term that you must hear of. This condition can happen to anyone, including you and your co-workers who are too tired to work without motivation. Demotivation is quite dangerous because it can significantly reduce the productivity and quality of your work. Not only that but without the right solution, demotivation can also affect your mental fitness.

What is Work Demotivation?

Demotivation is a condition in which you start to feel you are losing enthusiasm for work. This happens not without reason, and many factors can influence it, such as tired body conditions and prolonged stress. The main characteristic of this condition is feeling lazy to do the tasks that you do every day. In addition, decreased productivity and quality of work can also be the ultimate signs that show you are demotivated.

What Are the Causes of Work Demotivation?

As previously explained, demotivation is a condition in which an employee begins to lose enthusiasm for work. This is quite common and can be caused by several things at the same time. So that you can be better informed, here are the factors that can cause work demotivation.  

  1. No increase in salary 

One of the problems that often make employees demotivated is due to their salary. Usually, this discrepancy occurs when the wages given are not proportional to the amount of work that must be completed. This can have an impact on your work productivity and cause a decrease in your performance at work.


If this happens, the solution is that you must have the courage to say no to work that is not your responsibility. In addition, you can also discuss with your boss promotions or requests for salary increases.

  1. No career development

The next cause of work demotivation is the lack of opportunities for self and career development. Years of working without career development will certainly make you feel demotivated and unappreciated. Thus, you will tend to feel bored and your productivity can be decreased as a result as well.


As a solution, you can start setting personal achievement targets, or convey to your boss the opportunity to develop skills through training or webinars.

  1. Toxic workplace

Conditions at work that make you uncomfortable can also be a cause of demotivation. This condition refers to a work environment filled with toxic co-workers or bosses who are not supportive. Things like this of course can make morale decrease and eliminate enthusiasm quickly.

  1. Not comfortable with superiors

The next cause of demotivation that is often felt by workers is feeling uncomfortable with their superiors in the office. When working in a company, you will find a variety of different characters. It’s the same with the bosses you meet at work. Not infrequently, you will find an unpleasant boss. That’s one of the biggest challenges you have to face in the world of work.


Even if your boss isn’t pleasant, you still have to believe in his work competence. If you don’t trust them, you will tend to get lazy when you are getting new assignments. 

  1. Rigid working system

One of the main causes of demotivation in employees is a rigid work system in the office. Some people are used to working under the strict supervision of a micromanager, and some are not. When you find working conditions that are not in accordance with expectations, this will have an impact on morale and demotivation can occur later.  As a solution, before deciding to work, find out in advance about the work situation at the company where you registered. If it doesn’t match expectations, don’t force yourself to accept their job offer.

  1. Unpassionate with the current job

Working in a position that doesn’t match your passion also can cause demotivation. This happens a lot to those who have to work because of demands and choose the wrong career path. Working in the wrong field will lead to demotivation at work. Because there will be a moment when you start to get bored and can’t find a reason to continue. Therefore, before starting a career, first, make sure what are the things that interest you. 

  1. Boredom

The boredom is usually felt by employees who have served in the same position for years. When boredom begins to approach, demotivation will occur. However, that is the challenge in the professional world that will be faced by all employees. To overcome this, you can look for activities that can get rid of your boredom effectively.

  1. Lack of self-appreciation

True appreciation is needed by employees to feel more enthusiastic. Unfortunately, most employees are reluctant to appreciate themselves and instead feel constantly under-participated. This is quite dangerous because it can harm your mental health and physical fitness.


Therefore, try to start appreciating the little things that you achieve. Just remember that you need to work hard to achieve success.

How to Overcome Work Demotivation?

Demotivation is a condition that is commonly felt by workers. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about it. Even though it feels difficult to deal with, you can overcome these feelings in effective ways.


Here are steps you can take to get rid of demotivation at work:

  • Start appreciating yourself
  • Find a hobby to get rid of boredom
  • Consult your discomfort directly with your boss and co-workers
  • Don’t compare yourself to other employees
  • Take mental health leave and enjoy some free time for yourself
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