I Wasn’t Expecting The $32 Three Ships Eye-Brightening Patches To Be *This* Good – Lifotravel

My under-eye area is super sensitive and prone to puffiness, and as I’ve admitted before, I’m a proud member of the “Dark Circles Since I Was a Small Child” club. Since the skin around my eyes is naturally so thin (thank you, genetics!), the underlying blood vessels are way more visible, which contributes to discoloration.

What does this mean? Unfortunately, no product can nix my dark circles completely (aside from my ride-or-die color corrector). 

So, as you can probably guess, I’m not easily impressed by most under-eye elixirs—eye creams, eye patches, and the like. However, eye patches do provide some instant gratification, since the cocktail of nourishing ingredients can temporarily plump the delicate skin with hydration, similar to how a sheet mask drenches the skin in moisture post-cleanse.

Will these patches permanently erase your fine lines and under-eye shadows? No, not quite, but they can certainly make the skin appear more supple and hydrated for the day—and nothing has worked quite like this Three Ships Beauty pick.

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