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This week, the world awoke to news from Mexico City that will delight UFO fans everywhere. Mexican Congress members watched a journalist and UFO enthusiast, Jaime Maussan, unveil two miniature alien bodies he claims were discovered in Cusco, Peru.

1,000 Years Old

Mexican media reported that the specimens, according to Maussan, were not retrieved from a UFO crash and are thought to be 1,000 years old.

Mexican and US Government representatives witnessed this alleged display in the Congress session. “They are not beings recovered from a UFO crash,” said Maussan during the exhibition. “Instead, they were found in diatom (algae) mines and subsequently became fossilized.”

A Third of Their Dna Is Unknown

The infant-sized bodies appeared to be mummified remains of extraterrestrial creatures, their elongated heads with humanoid facial features sitting atop skinny bone-like torsos. “These specimens are not part of our evolutionary history on Earth,” said the researcher during his presentation, adding that “a third of their DNA is unknown.”

It isn’t the first time Maussan’s alien enthusiasm has gone public: the journalist was the center of an alien hoax in 2015, claiming a body found in a Peruvian river was an alien. However, it turned out to be the remains of an unfortunate child.

Radiocarbon Dating

This time, however, Maussan insists the bodies were thoroughly examined at the Autonomous National University Of Mexico. Furthermore, he says scientists used “radiocarbon dating” to gather DNA, even showing one of the bodies to have eggs inside.

The former US Navy pilot Ryan Graves, who claimed in July that UFO sightings were being “grossly underreported” in the news, was at the unveiling. Congress members at the meeting are said to have been left with “thoughts” and “concerns” about this discovery and will pursue further discussions.

As expected, internet users are discussing this otherworldly discovery, but do they believe it? Here are some takeaways.

Aliens? Whatever

After the chaos of the last few years, aliens are just another unexpected square in a world events bingo game. 

What’s With The Pillows?

Another suspicious commenter wonders why the two little beings are presented like an antique gift basket. Where’s the dry ice and Hazmat suits?

E.T. Phone Home? 

Then again, haven’t we seen this before? In 1982, I believe? E.T. never technically phoned home anyway; he sent a radio signal into the sky or something.

The Truth Is Out There

The following post mentions Bob Lazar, who became famous after alleging he took part in covert reverse-engineering operations in Area 51. Was Bob right after all?

Is He Lying?

But there’s more. The next contributor posts another look at these curious ‘findings’, which look conclusive — or do they?

Familiar Faces

This guy says what most of us are thinking. Why do they have such a human appearance if they came from another dimension?

The New “Word” Order

We need to beware of the New “Word” Order’s hand in this new chapter, says the next skeptic. The Illuminati could sure use some alien distraction tactics right now! Meanwhile, someone could use a spellcheck. 

Jaime Maussan Again?

Other observers remember Jaime Maussan from his other notorious flirtations with fame. I am not sure we should be focused on Mr. Maussan anyway. I want to hear from the professors who did the studies.

What do you make of these new alien guests? Do you believe?

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