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Some trends can be fun, depending on what they are, and others are just utterly perplexing. An online forum served as a platform for the public to voice their opinions about which fads are driving them crazy. Join us as we explore trends that have captured everyone’s attention but have left many people wondering, “When will it end?!”

1. Gender Reveal Parties

Young excited couple blowing up surprise balloon during gender reveal party indoorsYoung excited couple blowing up surprise balloon during gender reveal party indoors
Image Credit: Dean Drobot and Shutterstock.

The phenomenon of Gender Reveal Parties, once a captivating novelty, now feels somewhat overwrought and clichéd. What was a charming and personal event has sometimes transformed into extravagant spectacles, losing the authentic charm that made it unique in the first place. As with any trend, there’s a natural ebb and flow, and we may see a shift towards more intimate and meaningful celebrations in the future.

2. Being a Social Media Influencer

Social MediaSocial Media
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The allure of becoming a social media influencer is undeniable, with countless aspiring individuals seeking online fame. Yet, the saturation of influencers has diluted the concept, blurring the lines between authenticity and promotion. In a world of possibilities, it’s odd to see so many children and young people aspiring to be content creators.

3. Mukbangs

Mukbang, food blogger, influencer, eating, blogging, recordingMukbang, food blogger, influencer, eating, blogging, recording
Image Credit: New Africa/Shutterstock.

The rise of Mukbang videos, where people eat insane amounts of food while sometimes conversing with the camera, is weirdly intriguing to many and simultaneously perplexing. While it attracts massive audiences, the fascination with watching someone devour excessive quantities of food remains a mystery. Moreover, this trend raises concerns about promoting unhealthy eating habits and overindulgence.

4. Long Fake Eyelashes 

Eye MakeupEye Makeup
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Those huge, over-the-top fake eyelashes have taken the beauty world by storm, and it’s gotten out of hand. Who needs lashes that could double as windshields? It’d be great to see a return to a more natural look. I often wonder if people can even see well with those on!

5. NFTs

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

For those who don’t understand investing, perhaps NFTs are something that takes a little more knowledge to truly get into. The idea of shelling out big bucks for a digital image that you can’t hold or hang on the wall isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

6. Slapping Competitions

Power Slap, Slap FightPower Slap, Slap Fight
Image Credit: Pilgrim Media Group, TBS Productions, Warner Bros. Discovery.

Slapping competitions, where folks take turns smacking one another until someone quits or gets knocked out, are truly mind-boggling. Outside of the fact that it’s absurd and risky, why would anyone want to participate in something like that? 

7. People Recording Themselves Doing Charitable Acts 

Decent rich man in tuxedo hunkered down to homeless and give money donation, one dollar bill to beggar maleDecent rich man in tuxedo hunkered down to homeless and give money donation, one dollar bill to beggar male
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Honestly, I find this whole trend of people recording themselves doing philanthropic acts to be disingenuous and also a little cringe. It’s everywhere you look, and it feels like a show rather than a genuine act of kindness. The oversaturation of these videos takes away from the true spirit of giving, leaving me somewhat skeptical about the whole thing.

8. Playing Music in Public Without Headphones 

Woman looking at cell phone with blue backgroundWoman looking at cell phone with blue background
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The habit of blasting music in public without headphones is disruptive. It’s like an invasion of everyone else’s auditory space. We seriously need to start being more mindful of the noise we’re creating and the impact it has on others’ freedom.

9. Turning Children Into Social Media Stars

child cellphone scaled e1692290795124child cellphone scaled e1692290795124
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The trend of turning children into social media stars has become all too familiar, and it needs to stop. It’s undeniably exploitative and unfair to these young ones who can’t consent or comprehend the ramifications. Their privacy and childhood should be cherished, not commodified for likes and shares. Let’s prioritize their well-being over fleeting online fame.

10. Cosmetic Surgery 

Plastic SurgeryPlastic Surgery
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The pressure for women to undergo cosmetic surgery, often influenced by figures like Kim Kardashian, reflects a troubling shift away from celebrating natural beauty. It’s disheartening to see societal ideals push so many to alter their bodies to fit a specific mold instead of embracing individuality. We should champion self-acceptance over conformity to unattainable standards.

11. Recording Everything

Recording bullying, fighting, crimeRecording bullying, fighting, crime
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

It’s pretty baffling how these days when something goes wrong, folks often reach for their phones to film it rather than stepping in to help. We’re so caught up in documenting everything that we forget the importance of lending a hand. This trend shows how technology can sometimes disconnect us from our basic instincts of compassion.

12. Unsupervised Social Media for Minors

Child on phoneChild on phone
Image Credit: Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.

Giving kids unsupervised access to social media can be a risky move. The digital world can be a wild place, and young minds might not be equipped to navigate its pitfalls, from cyberbullying to inappropriate content. Responsible guidance and monitoring are crucial to ensure their online experiences are safe, positive, and age-appropriate.

13. Public Shaming

Boy being bulliedBoy being bullied
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The toxicity of public shaming on social media is more prevalent than ever before, with dire consequences. What initially seemed like a means of accountability has spiraled into a relentless cycle of humiliation and harm. It’s high time we confront this issue head-on and consider the far-reaching damage it inflicts on individuals and society as a whole.

14. Doing TikTok Challenges

TikToker FilmingTikToker Filming
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Where to start? I’ve never seen people do such stupid things as when they follow the most absurd and dangerous TikTok challenges in the name of views and likes. The “Pee Your Pants,” “Milk Crate,” “Ice Cream Licking,” and “Coronavirus” challenges were particularly idiotic, and some were downright dangerous. And yet, millions were recording themselves engaging in the most crazy behaviors just because they saw someone do it on TikTok. 

15. Wearing Hoodies With Shorts

Portrait of a smiling young brunette girl at home in a yellow hoodie. selective focus, soft focus, defocusedPortrait of a smiling young brunette girl at home in a yellow hoodie. selective focus, soft focus, defocused
Image Credit: Sandra07031990/Shutterstock.

You mainly see this walking across a college campus, but wearing hoodies with shorts makes you look confused. It comes across like your arms are cold, but your legs are hot. I’ve seen it happen when spring is around the corner and during the early Fall seasons, and it has never made sense to me. It’s even worse when you pair it with UGGs!

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