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You don’t need to have a baby the moment you are married. Have all the fun you need. Enjoy the passionate lovemaking you have been denying yourself all these years. Do all you have only imagined doing. Have fun! Go out,  date. Lodge in hotels/guest houses. Visit restaurants. Be happy with just the two of you together.

A time comes when you no longer have this privacy because the kids are there. I long to visit a hot hotel and get wild with my hubby but I have kids! I can’t do that with kids’ eyes popping right out of their sockets! God forbid! We can only wait till they are more mature and we can have that time ALONE again (kids should never be there when daddy and mummy are making love).

Don’t allow people to pressure you to have kids when you are not ready to and if you are ready go right ahead especially when age is no longer on your side. That is why it is good to marry early and give birth to your children on time then enjoy your marriage while you are still young.
I waited almost two years (though I married around 30 years old) before my first son came. I’m glad I did. I still remember how I could seduce hubby up and down the house with no one to interrupt but now…discretion is needed.

This advice is not absolute. Do what works for you.
Bottom line. Catch fun! Enjoy your marriage! Enjoy love-making with reckless abandon! Especially in the sitting room,  kitchen, and toilet. The grand finale is reserved for the bedroom. These are the places where you can enjoy your lovemaking with your spouse uninterrupted by anyone when you are alone at home.

That is why no one should get involved in premarital intimacy owing to the fact its disadvantages to marital enjoyment. The best lovemaking you can experience is in marriage with the one you love and are dying in love for.
Keep your virginity at all costs. You will be glad you did when you get married to the one you much loved.
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