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Invincible makes the bold claim of being “the best superhero comic in the universe,” but many will agree it earned that tagline. The series created by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman made a name for itself by mixing conventions of Western superhero comics with long-form storytelling techniques more often found in shonen battle manga. That’s a recipe for a series with many great characters, so let’s look at the 22 best Invincible characters.

1. Mark Grayson (Invincible)

Mark Grayson Invincible Mark Grayson Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Real character progress is a rarity in superhero comics. But Invincible lets us follow along Mark’s entire heroic journey. We see him start as a naïve teenage superhero and become a husband, father, and the most powerful man in the universe. His evolution is unmatched, as years of life experience shape his ever-changing idea of being a hero.

2. Rudolph Conners (Robot/Rudy/Rex)

Rudolph Conners Robot Rudy Rex Invincible Rudolph Conners Robot Rudy Rex Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Few would suspect that a minor-league teenage robot would hold the fate of worlds in his metal hands. His incredible intellect and thirst for control led him to rule over the Flaxans in a reign that spanned centuries. After he returned to Earth, he used his experience to do a total takeover of the planet from the shadows. Even though this move killed several heroes and caused Mark to flee the planet in disgust, the results of his rule were so good that even many of Earth’s heroes fell in line.

3. Nolan Grayson (Omniman)

Nolan Grayson Omniman Invincible Nolan Grayson Omniman Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

What happens when Earth’s greatest hero becomes its greatest villain? Omniman isn’t the only “Superman gone bad” character, but he is one of the best. He shocks the world with the revelation that his protection of the Earth was actually a long con to conquering it for the Viltrumites. But in the end, he can’t betray his feelings. He concludes that deep down, Earth is his home, and protecting his loved ones is more critical than galactic conquest. He redeems himself at the end by returning to heroism and making the ultimate sacrifice for peace.

4. Samantha Eve Wilkins (Atom Eve)

Samantha Eve Wilkins Atom Eve Invincible Samantha Eve Wilkins Atom Eve Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Eve should rightfully be considered the most powerful character in the Invincible universe. Her genetic modifications allow her to manipulate matter on a subatomic level. Though a psychological block prevents her from using her powers on sentient beings, the rare times she’s been able to overcome this block have allowed her to transcend life and death not only for herself but for others.

5. Conquest

Conquest Invincible Conquest Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

The name “Conquest” perfectly suits this character. In a series infamous for its brutality, Conquest takes it to a whole new level. He doesn’t care about the lofty aspirations of expanding the Viltrumite empire. He wants nothing more than battle. He delivers the most savage beatings in the entire series. His fights are so gruesome it’s questionable how the show will adapt them. Despite all the damage he’s done, in the end, Mark respects his strength as a warrior enough to give him a proper burial.

6. Amanda (Monster Girl)

Amanda Monster Girl Invincible Amanda Monster Girl Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

She’s proof that big things come in small packages. Amanda’s powers come from a curse: she can transform into a powerful monster at the cost of reversing her age. And the younger her human form gets, the more powerful her monster form. We see her true strength when an alternate-universe version of her has been reduced to an infant, creating a kaiju-level monster form.

7. Thragg

Thragg Invincible Thragg Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

The leader of the Viltrumites is more than a king; he’s a god among gods. He’s powerful enough to have bested Battle Beast after days of deadly combat. Even when he was defeated, he made one final rally worthy of Napoleon… that is, if Napoleon had hundreds of children for the sole purpose of creating an army.

8. Allen the Alien

Allen the Alien Invincible Allen the Alien Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Allen was one of Mark’s very first “foes” but gradually became one of his best friends and confidants. Allen has the coolest job: going from planet to planet, fighting superheroes, and grading them on their toughness. As awesome as that is, he’s destined for more incredible things. Eventually, he leads the Coalition of Planets in their fight to free the universe from the grip of the Viltrumites.

9. Titan

Titan Invincible Titan Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Titan is another character who got a massive glow-up in the show. He wasn’t very notable in the comics, but he’s a cunning strategist in the animated adaptation. His stone powers may turn him into a one-man army, but what makes him truly great is his ability to masterfully manipulate others. He’s able to trick Mark into helping him usurp Machine Head’s place on top of the criminal world.

10. D.A. Sinclair

D.A. Sinclair Invincible D.A. Sinclair Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

D.A. Sinclair was one of Mark’s first enemies and, to the end, remains one of the best. His signature accomplishment was creating Reanimen, super-soldiers made from cadavers that are so powerful they even make Omniman take notice. His rehabilitation is key in Mark’s philosophical evolution. When Sinclair is freed from prison to work for Cecil, Mark realizes that the superhero world isn’t as black and white as he thought.

11. Cecil Stedman

Cecil Stedman Invincible Cecil Stedman Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

In a world of wacky heroes in colorful costumes, there’s one man who’s all business. He leads the Global Defense Agency, which collaborates with superheroes to maintain peace and order on Earth. He may be a cranky old man, but his devotion to his mission is unmatched. Even without superpowers, he’s one of Earth’s greatest heroes.

12. The Immortal

The Immortal Invincible The Immortal Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

The Immortal was once an ancient warrior whose exposure to a mysterious force granted him incredible superpowers and immortality. Since then, he’s lived thousands of years and adopted many personas, including President Abraham Lincoln. In the modern day, he’s one of Earth’s greatest heroes and the sole survivor of Omniman’s rampage against the Guardians of the Globe. His dedication to the Earth and his countless lifetimes of experience have made him destined to rule the Earth in multiple dimensions.

13. Anissa

Anissa Invincible Anissa Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

Anissa causes of one of the most shocking moments in all of American comics history. It’s too graphic to even describe on this list. If the show decides to adapt it, there will undoubtedly be chaos from the audience. But Anissa isn’t a static character. She changes from a ruthless conqueror to someone who has found love on Earth and would lay down her life to protect her home and family.

14. Dinosaurus

Dinosaurus Invincible Dinosaurus Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

Fiction is full of supervillains who commit heinous actions for the “greater good.” But this is one of the rare cases where the hero agrees with them. Whenever David Anders gets bored, he transforms into Dinosaurus, a super-intelligent talking dinosaur. After successfully destroying Las Vegas, Dinosaurus is able to convince Mark to become his ally in protecting the future of humanity through drastic actions.

15. Ursaal

Ursaal Invincible Ursaal Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

Ursaal is one of Thragg’s countless children and was a trusted enough member of his army to fulfill an assassination order on Mark and his family. She’s like a dark mirror to Mark. She’s what he could have been if he hadn’t been raised in the loving embrace of humanity. However, she discovers the truth about her father and frees herself from being an object in his selfish war.

16. Angstrom Levy

Angstrom Levy Invincible Angstrom Levy Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

Although we’ve been getting a lot of multiverse stories lately, Angstrom Levy is in the center of one that stands out even today. Angstrom blames Mark for a freak accident that left him deformed and insane from fusing with several alternate-universe versions of himself. His plan for revenge: gathering the evil Invincibles from all over the multiverse and unleashing them on (our) Mark’s Earth.

17. Oliver Grayson (Kid Omni-Man)

IMG 8765IMG 8765
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

It surprised Mark and readers alike to discover that Nolan had another child after exiling himself from Earth. Oliver’s mother was of a species that aged rapidly, leading him from an infant to a young man in almost no time. Oliver has to balance loyalties to many different factions and cultures, leading him to have a complex relationship with Mark and the fate of the universe.

18. Mauler Twins

Mauler Twins Invincible Mauler Twins Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

These two have both brain and brawn, but could probably do with a bit more brain. They aren’t actually twins; they’re clones. The current Mauler twins are several generations deep of clones cloning each other. If you ask either one, each will tell you that he is the original and the other is the inferior clone. As annoying as the arguments can get, this is a feature, not a bug. The confusion is built into the cloning process to prevent the “original” from lording over the copy and creating resentment between them.

19. Battle Beast

Battle Beast Invincible Battle Beast Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Battle Beast’s introduction in the show was much more brutal than in the comics. Despite Mark’s Viltrumite power, Battle Beast left him in critical condition without breaking a sweat. Some may have thought Omniman cruel for sitting by and doing nothing, but there’s a good chance that not even he would have been able to stand up to the formidable Battle Beast.

20. Amber Bennet

Amber Bennet Invincible Amber Bennet Invincible
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Amber’s role in the animated series greatly expands from her comic appearances. Her and Mark’s relationship gets much more coverage, allowing us to explore the more human side of superhero life. Dating Amber tests Mark on where his priorities lie and what it means to trust his loved ones.

21. Rex Sloan (Rex Splode)

Rex Sloan Rex Splode Rex Sloan Rex Splode
Image Credit: Skybound North.

Rex starts as a character we love to hate. He’s an arrogant jerk who always has a few words to cut someone down. But once we get past the catharsis of seeing him get slapped around, we can admire his sacrifice to kill one of the evil Invincibles in the Invincible War. The last thing he ever did was the selfless act of turning his skeleton into a bomb. That is true heroism.

22. Zandale Randolph (Bulletproof)

Zandale Randolph Bulletproof Zandale Randolph Bulletproof
Image Credit: Skybound Entertainment.

Zandale Randolph (AKA Bulletproof AKA Invincible) has a messed-up family life, even for a superhero. But that’s what makes him so unique. The least-favorite twin became an only child after his mad scientist brother used him as a guinea pig. As a result, Bulletproof was blessed with powers while his evil twin perished.

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