Are You A Life Path Number 4? What That Means For You, According To Numerologists – Lifotravel


When it comes to their love lives, life path 4s bring the same dedication and structure to their relationships as they do pretty much everything else in their lives. They feel safe and secure in a relationship that doesn’t involve any games, valuing stability and honest far more than spontaneity and “keeping things casual.”

Take a matchup between a life path 4 and a life path 5, for example; As Kaerhart previously wrote for mindbodygreen, “The 5 values freedom and rides a constant wave of change through life. Life Path 4, on the other hand, is the number of stability and structure. To the 4, the 5 could seem chaotic, while the 5 may look at the 4 as being too rigid.”

That said, Kaerhart adds, life path 4s can have a healthy relationship with any of the other life path numbers, so long as both people are able to accept each other’s differences. Generally speaking, though, here’s a breakdown of how 4s tend to fair with the other life paths.

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