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States are beginning to implement electric car mandates that require electric car owners to pay additional fees because of their choice of all-electric transportation. However, states also roll out vehicle credits and rebates to consumers who purchase an electric vehicle (EV). While the extra fees are annoying, there are also a lot of perks that each of these states offers residents who choose to go electric. 

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Are you an Alabama resident? The state of Alabama is offering EV or plug-in hybrid owners a discounted time-of-use from Alabama Power. You have to make sure you charge your car between 9 pm. and 5 a.m., and you can enjoy discounted electricity rates. 

Alabama Power also offers a one-time rebate of $500 on purchasing and installing a home charger.


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Alaska residents can qualify for a $200 bill credit per EV home charger from Chugach Electric Association. Alaska Power and Telephone also offers a one-time $1,000 bonus to residents who purchase an EV. The only catch is that the car has to have a minimum 14-kilowatt battery size. 


Sedona ArizonaSedona Arizona
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Drivers in Arizona may have fewer monetary perks than in other states, but they get special access to the state’s HOV lanes if they are EV drivers. Plus, they can cash in a $250 rebate from Arizona Public Service Company if they buy a level 2 EV home charger. 


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Arkansas only offers a few perks to EV owners. The most they do is offer $250 from the Entergy Electric eTech program to EV owners who install a level 2 electric charger at home. These home chargers usually run around $1,000 for the charger, plus an additional $500- $1,200 for installation. 


Ensenada, Baja CaliforniaEnsenada, Baja California
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If you’re an EV lover, California is the place to be. They have many EV perks, including the Inflation Reduction Act, Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Clean Cars for All, California Air Resources Board, and the Clean Fuel Reward Program. 

They also offer rebates based on income ranging from $7,500 to $12,000 for purchasing a new electric car. 


Rocky Mountain National Park, ColoradoRocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
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Colorado also offers heaps of benefits to electric car owners, with rebates up to $8,000. Their perks depend on the type of vehicle you choose. “Light-duty” electric trucks can get up to $2,800 while medium and heavy duty can earn $4,000 and $8,000. 


Bridgeport, ConnecticutBridgeport, Connecticut
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Connecticut’s rebates are on the moderate side. They offer rebates through The Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Program, and these range anywhere from $1,000 to $7,500. Not bad, especially if you can stack them with federal tax rebates. 


Wilmington DelawareWilmington Delaware
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Delaware is the first state on the list to offer rebates for the purchase and lease of a new EV. However, the rebate only applies if the car was purchased after May 2023 and only through participating dealerships. This rebate is $2,500. 

Washington, D.C.

Supreme CourtSupreme Court
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Washington, D.C., is similar to California in that it offers a lot of benefits to electric car owners. Not only can residents qualify to have 50% off the cost of home charger installation, but they can also earn up to $19,000 back, depending on the type of vehicle owned. 


Miami, FloridaMiami, Florida
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Florida’s benefits for electric car owners are weak, but they are better than nothing. Through Duke Energy, residents can get a $10 monthly credit for charging their EV during off-peak hours through a Level 2 home charger. 


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Likewise, Georgia doesn’t offer much. Residents can get $250 back through Cobb EMC after purchasing and installing an ENERGY STAR-certified Level 2 EV charging station.

EV owners can also use the HOV lanes throughout the state, regardless of vehicle occupancy. It’s not a monetary benefit, but it definitely comes in handy in traffic. 


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The state of Hawaii offers incentives like a lower charging rate for specific times of the day for residents who use Hawaii Electric Company. They can also receive electric car home chargers at a lower rate from Smart Charge Hawaii. They also have designated parking spaces for EV owners throughout the state, and electric cars are also allowed in the HOV lanes, regardless of vehicle occupancy. 


Boise Idaho 2021 e1693184585699Boise Idaho 2021 e1693184585699
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Idaho’s benefits come in the form of less hassle for EV owners. Electric cars are exempt from Idaho’s state-required maintenance and inspection programs, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. Don’t want to deal with yearly car inspections? Just invest in an EV. 


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Illinois has a program called Illinois’ Climate & Equitable Jobs Act, which offers residents up to $4,000 cash back on the purchase of an all-electric car or $1,500 back on the purchase of an all-electric motorcycle. 


Indiana 1Indiana 1
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Indiana doesn’t offer much. But Indiana Michigan Power’s off-peak EV charging program offers $500 back on the purchase of a new or existing Level 2 home charger. Other power companies offer their own perks, and residents can check with their utility providers for personalized benefits. 


Castle on Fossil Lake Russell County, KansasCastle on Fossil Lake Russell County, Kansas
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The state of Kansas offers benefits to EV owners through the Department of Revenue. EV owners can get up to $2,400 for each qualifying electric vehicle. Certain power companies also offer perks to customers who invest in Level 2 home chargers, and they have free parking spaces in certain areas that are designated for electric cars. 


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Louisiana has a lot of variety when it comes to its electric vehicle perks. They have the data on the U.S. Department of Energy website with the following breakdown of rebate by electric vehicle type:

  • Electric Forklifts – Up to $500
  • Electric Drayage Trucks – $1,500
  • Electric Truck Refrigeration – $1,000
  • Electric Cranes – Up to $25,000
  • Electric Scissor and Boom Lift – $100
  • Light-Duty Electric Burden Carrier – $100
  • Electric Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber – $100
  • Electric Riding Floor Scrubber – $150
  • Electric Golf Cart – $150
  • Level 2 EV Charging Station – $250
  • Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) Station – Up to $1,500


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Maine offers one of the sweetest deals for buying an electric car. Consumers can enjoy a rebate of up to $7,500 per vehicle. And when you combine that with the federal tax credit, you’re looking at the possibility of a $13,000 deduction. 


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Maryland offers a $3,000 rebate to electric car buyers, but there are several stipulations on it. First, the rebate is first come, first served, meaning that when it runs out, this funding is over. Then, this is limited to one car per household and up to 10 cars per business. 


Quincy MassachusettsQuincy Massachusetts

If you’re a resident of Massachusetts, then you can enjoy $3,500 from the Department of Energy resources for the purchase of an electric car. This applies to both the lease and purchase of an EV, and residents, nonprofits, and businesses are eligible to apply. 


Voyageurs National Park, MinnesotaVoyageurs National Park, Minnesota
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If you’re in Minnesota, then you can tap into savings in three ways: 

  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) Toll Credit Pilot Program
  • The Plug-In Electric Vehicle Time-Of-Use (TOU) Rates (Xcel Energy)
  • The Residential Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Pilot Program (Xcel Energy)

These programs offer savings through free toll passes, discounts on electricity used for EV charging, and discounted fees on the purchase and installation of Level 2 home chargers. 


Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.Jackson, Mississippi, USA skyline over the Capitol Building.
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Mississippi’s offer is simple: new electric car owners can get $1,250 back on a new or leased EV. Consumers can stack this with federal tax credits for even more savings on their EV purchases. 


St. LouisSt. Louis
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Missouri residents receive $500 when they purchase and install a Level 2 EV charging station. They are also exempt from state emissions requirements since EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions. 

New Hampshire

Scenic drive in White mountain national forest in New HampshireScenic drive in White mountain national forest in New Hampshire
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New Hampshire Electric Co-op offers EV owners several rebate options. Residents can get a rebate of $1,000 on a new or used EV, $600 for the purchase or lease of a new or used plug-in hybrid, or $300 on the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned electric motorcycle.

New Jersey

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If you’re a New Jersey resident, you can score up to $4,000 in rebates for buying or leasing a new electric car. You can also get $250 off the purchase of a home charger. Score up to $4,000 in rebates.

New York

New YorkNew York
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EV buyers can earn up to $2,000 available through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. This also applies to the lease of an electric car but does not apply to the purchase of used electric cars. 


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Pennsylvania offers EV rebates that are dependent on residents’ household income. For example, a family of two with a household income of $35,000 can qualify for a battery EV rebate of $3,000. However, hybrids and trucks only qualify for $1,500 in rebates, and electric motorcycles are eligible for a rebate of $500. 


Lake Memphremagog - Newport, VermontLake Memphremagog - Newport, Vermont
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If you’re a Vermont resident and also a customer of Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (VPPSA), you can qualify for up to $1,000 back on a new all-electric vehicle or up to $500 on a new plug-in hybrid. 


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Virginia residents can cash in on a $2,500 credit for the purchase of a new EV, but only from participating dealerships. Depending on annual household income, some residents are also eligible. As long as consumers make less than 300% of the current poverty guidelines, they are eligible for an additional enhanced rebate of $2,000.

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