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Mistakes You Make When Dating A Man

The mistakes you make when dating a man without knowing that is why a guy can treat you anyhow as if you are nothing, whereas you are a precious being that deserve to be loved and taken care of.

So just read this my article carefully as woman if you truly want to have priceless value in the front of that guy that you love because men heart and character are sometimes difficult to predict. So without wasting much of your time let me explain well things to you in a way that you can understand it so that a guy cannot treat you like trash.

Mistakes You Make When Dating A Man


1. Believing You Can Change Him.

The mistake most of you girls make when you are dating a guy is believing always that a guy will change. I don’t mean that you should not give your man time or work on your man to see that he changed his bad ways.

All am trying to say is this, a man who love you will changed naturally on his own, not you forcing him to change. If a guy love and care for you and see that displaying a particular attitude will make you leave him, then without you even telling him, he will change.

Don’t try to force yourself on a man all because you love him, just know that you are a woman that a man who love you will make you more happy than that one you love. Instead of him struggling to make you laugh,happy or do things that will please you. He will feel less concern and you will be the one doing what he should be doing to you.

Don’t forget that it’s the duty of a man to show love, caring and protection, not you the woman doing so. Your duty as a woman is to help, advice, console and help him in some things he may not bother much to do as a man that he is. So please my dear just take note of this for your own good.

  2. Over Trust.

You do make this mistake always and this is one the things that make a man treat you anyhow. The truth is this, don’t trust a guy too much because if you do you are digging your own heart break and causing yourself pain.

Let me tell you something men don’t worth showing much trust, i don’t say is not good to trust your man but just know that you should be ready to expect anything from him as long as you two are not married.

Unless you are married to a man will you say he can’t cheat or he can’t leave you but as long as you are still dating, don’t say he can’t cheat and expect anything. You didn’t tie him to you so just trust him on few things like character but not in so much bigger things, doing so will make you get hurt when the unexpected happen.

3. Believing In All He Says.

I didn’t say that you should not believe the words of your man but all am trying to say here is this, let say that a guy cheats and you notice or maybe caught him doing so. He starts preaching to you, saying that he will change or that is the work of devil and maybe you forgive out of love and he still continues doing so and always says the same thing. My dear the truth is this stop believing them.

If a man is always cheating on you and you keep forgiving, then ask yourself this, on till when will i stop doing this, because doing so you are degrading yourself and making yourself so cheap to the man.

Mistakes You Make When Dating A Man

4.Confronting A Man When He Hurt You.

The reason why i put this last is for you to take a good caution of this as a lady. Most of you ladies don’t know that confronting a man who hurt you is not always good. That doesn’t mean you should not tell him when he hurt you but what am saying is this.

Let’s say your man cheats and you notice it, then decided to go confront him and you do that. He then brain wash you as a man he is, because no matter what a man is a man, he must convince you that is why he is man.

So all am saying here is that everything is not all about confronting and shouting but at times is good to just take action and make a decision. If he left you for another lady don’t rush and confront him, because he will brain wash you and end up dating you and another girl. Instead control yourself and make a decision to go, because there is a guy out there that will value more than he do.

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