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Here’s the secret to wine on Thanksgiving: Don’t worry about wine on Thanksgiving. Open one of everything, or if you’ve already blown the budget on the food, open one of anything. Any wine is likely to pair well with something in the cornucopia of your Thanksgiving table. I tend to favor local wines, but if you don’t have any bottles from your trips to your local wine country, here are three American wines to do your table proud on the holiday.

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Field White NV

StarSolidStarSolidStarHalfStarOutline(2.5 stars)

Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes, N.Y., $16

This nonvintage dated blend is based on grüner veltliner, with riesling adding acidity and perfume and chardonnay lending body and richness. It’s a simple, delicious white wine for everyday sipping, but its acidity and hint of sweetness will make it stand out on your Thanksgiving table. Flavors of star fruit, pineapple, kumquat and lemongrass — and well, Juicy Fruit gum? — are a recipe for fun. Alcohol by volume: 11 percent. Bottle Weight: 420 grams (Light).

Distributed locally by Lanterna.

Roots Wine Company Klee Pinot Noir 2022

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Willamette Valley, Ore., $24

Pinot noir’s light body and relatively high acidity help make it friendly with a variety of foods. This lovely example from Roots Wine Company shows Oregon’s Willamette Valley at its best, with Bing cherry, boysenberry and plum flavors seasoned with sage and rosemary. ABV: 13.4 percent. BW: 500 grams (Average).

Distributed locally by Salveto.

Trefethen Vineyards Eshcol Red Wine 2020

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Oak Knoll District, Napa Valley, Calif., $25

I normally would not think of Napa Valley on Thanksgiving, as its reds tend to demand the spotlight for themselves. But this beautiful blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, malbec, petit verdot and cabernet franc is old-style California wine, with a traditional affinity for food rather than attention. Look for seamless flavors of black currant, blackberry and plum with wild herbs and mushroom. Considering the vintage, when wildfires ravaged the northern end of Napa Valley during harvest, and many wineries decided not to make red wines altogether, this is an exceptional achievement. (Trefethen is in the Oak Knoll District, in the south-central area of Napa Valley.) Certified sustainable, Napa Green. ABV: 14.3 percent. BW: 475 grams (Light).

Distributed locally by Breakthru Beverage.

Prices are approximate. For availability, check Wine.com, Wine-searcher.com and the websites and social media feeds of the wineries, importers, distributors, and your favorite local wine store. You can also ask your local retailer to order wines from the distributors listed. Have wine questions for Dave McIntyre? Send them to Food@washpost.com.

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