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List Of Best 100+ Unpopular Opinions

Unpopular opinions don’t happen very often.

You may be afraid to voice an unpopular opinion for fear of being the only one with that belief, but there is likely someone else who shares your beliefs. Unpopular opinions may be about serious subjects such as religion or politics or silly ones like your food preferences or thoughts on a TV show or movie.

You may or may not agree with these 120 unpopular opinions.

Browse through 120 Unpopular Opinions to see if any of them resonate with you.

  1. Fruit is not as good as vegetables
  2. Money can’t buy happiness
  3. Beyonce has been overrated as a performer.
  4. Taylor Swift is among the most underrated songwriters and singers of this generation.
  5. Baseball is not America’s most popular sport.
  6. You can have children before getting married.
  7. I prefer to drive with no music than with one.
  8. Hot dogs are superior to hamburgers and cheeseburgers.
  9. The onion rings are better for you than the french fries.
  10. Beer tastes better when served at room temperature.
  11. You can save money by watching music videos instead of attending concerts.
  12. The TV show Friends isn’t all that great.
  13. Androids are superior to Apple iPhones
  14. Sprinkles are disgusting and ice cream should be served without them.
  15. The popcorn at the movies is not very good.
  16. New York City doesn’t seem that glamorous.                                                    List Of Best 100+ Unpopular Opinions
  17. It’s pointless to have a profile on social media.
  18. Not all couples need to have children.
  19. I would rather listen to the radio than watch a TV show.
  20. It’s not necessary to make your bed each morning.
  21. Podcasts are more enjoyable to listen to than music.
  22. Reading is a sign of intelligence.
  23. Love is not an option.
  24. Butter pecan ice cream is not as good as Maple Walnut Ice Cream
  25. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are better than Chocolate Chip Cookies
  26. The best ice pop flavour is grape.
  27. Eggnog is delicious.
  28. Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets are better than McDonald’s.
  29. Cheese ruins flavorful dishes.
  30. No college degree is required to find a job.
  31. Seafood is disgusting.
  32. Raw onions are delicious.
  33. You’re addicted to caffeine, not coffee.
  34. Dunkin Donuts coffee is better than Starbucks.
  35. Cats are preferable to dogs.
  36. Enjoy sweating and working out.
  37. The title is the reason why high school sweethearts remain together, not their true feelings.
  38. A trip to a beach is not as good as a trip to the mountains.
  39. The chicken nachos is better than the beef nachos
  40. Pumpkin pie is not good.
  41. Dark Chocolate is superior to Milk Chocolate
  42. Cold maple syrup tastes better than warm maple sugar
  43. The main difference between waffles and pancakes is their consistency.
  44. The Star Wars film series isn’t nearly as good as people think.
  45. Weddings are more important than marriages for many people.
  46. Pineapple on pizza is delicious.
  47. Real Christmas trees are better than fake ones.
  48. It’s just a cinnamon-spice drink with no pumpkin flavour.
  49. Above-ground pools are more enjoyable than in-ground ones.
  50. Apps for dating are not a good basis for a long-term relationship.                            List Of Best 100+ Unpopular Opinions
  51. The Pug Dog is not cute.
  52. Sweet potatoes are superior to normal potatoes
  53. The best meal to eat is lunch.
  54. Country music is the best.
  55. The best period was the Roaring 20s.
  56. Watching horror movies and thrillers is fun.
  57. Tomatoes are not a fruit.
  58. Road trips can be more fun than flying.
  59. The famous sugar cookies in the supermarket are not tasty.
  60. Avocados aren’t as good as guacamole.
  61. The milk is disgusting.
  62. Water tastes better when it is noticed.
  63. Destination weddings can be selfish: do not ask your guests to pay for hotel and plane tickets.
  64. Religious people are more successful.
  65. The chocolate ice cream you buy isn’t really good.
  66. The Office isn’t an excellent TV show.
  67. Watermelon has no flavour.
  68. Pizza is better cold.
  69. Saint Patrick’s Day can be a very enjoyable holiday.
  70. The beach can be a dirty and sandy place.
  71. Christmas without snow just isn’t the same.
  72. You can’t expect others to want to spend time with you if you’re not comfortable with yourself.
  73. Gifts are a sign of greedy love.
  74. Vacuuming can be a chore.
  75. Swimming in the ocean is much better than in a swimming pool.
  76. It’s not worth celebrating if it rains during the Fourth of July.
  77. I do not enjoy drinking alcohol or tasting it.
  78. Rugby is one of the most random sports ever.
  79. Autumn and winter are preferable to spring and summer.
  80. In a relationship, it doesn’t matter if you have different political views.
  81. Travelling by bike is more comfortable than in a car.
  82. It’s not the point of living to have kids.
  83. Rainy Days Are More Enjoyable Than Sunny Days
  84. A college degree can make your life much more enjoyable.
  85. It is better to be warm than cold.              List Of Best 100+ Unpopular Opinions
  86. The leftovers of the birthday cake are better eaten as breakfast.
  87. Mustard is superior to ketchup.
  88. Most of your problems can be solved by getting married.
  89. A minimum wage is sufficient to survive.
  90. You can keep secrets when you are in a romantic relationship.
  91. The deviled egg is a tasty snack.
  92. LinkedIn is the best social media platform.
  93. If humans are in the wild animals’ environment, they have a right to attack them.
  94. It is a waste to travel.
  95. White-collar jobs require more effort than blue-collar ones.
  96. Mathematics and science are two of the most interesting subjects.
  97. Mayonnaise, is the worst condiment.
  98. The Harry Potter books and movies aren’t that good.
  99. Thanksgiving turkey is the best of all sides.
  100. Disney World is overrated
  101. Enjoy the humid air.
  102. Sweet treats are better than salty snacks.
  103. Goldfish is better than cheese-itz.
  104. Eat only 3 meals per day.
  105. Running and walking are both beneficial.
  106. Pepsi tastes better than Coca-Cola
  107. Cargo shorts can be very attractive.
  108. PDAs aren’t as weird as they seem and can be sweet.
  109. Brunch is not a meal to enjoy.
  110. The suburbs are better than the big cities.
  111. Technology has brought more benefits than harm.
  112. Pickle juice tastes good.
  113. It’s not relevant today, but it was popular in the past.
  114. You weren’t ignoring anyone when you forgot to click “send” in a text.
  115. It is healthy to keep in touch with an ex.
  116. Running is a fun hobby.
  117. Giving is more enjoyable than receiving.
  118. Christmas isn’t always the best holiday.
  119. You’re more productive if you are a morning person.
  120. Thanksgiving Eve is more enjoyable than Thanksgiving.

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