Ex-GOP Rep Predicts Bleak Way Trump Will Be Remembered By Supporters – Lifotravel

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Thursday predicted how Donald Trump will eventually go down in history among his own fans.

And it won’t be the greatest of legacies for the former president.

“I think in five or 10 years there’s not going to be a single person, this is just my prediction, in America that will ever admit they were a Trump supporter,” Kinzinger said on NBC’s “Meet The Press Now.”

Why? “Because I think once this emotion’s gone and this election passes, people are going to wake up, they have to, I hope they do, wake up to just how bad it’s gotten,” he explained.

Kinzinger’s prediction would largely depend on Trump not winning the 2024 election.

Currently, despite four upcoming criminal trials, Trump is the clear GOP front-runner and recent polling suggested he would beat President Joe Biden in five key swing states if the 2020 election was replayed next year.

Kinzinger voted for Trump in the 2020 election even after becoming a fierce critic of him during his one-term presidency.

The former Illinois congressman was one of two House Republicans who sat on the House Jan. 6 committee that investigated the deadly U.S. Capitol riot. He also voted for Trump’s impeachment over the insurrection.

Kinzinger retired from Congress earlier this year.

Watch Kinzinger’s comments here:

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