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Top 10 Cartoon Characters In India You Will Love

Animation has always served as a source of fascination and motivation for kids. The world has changed dramatically and animated TV shows have become a major element of the everyday life of kids. Learn more about how characters affect children, and discover what cartoon characters the child resembles. In this article

The most popular cartoon characters for children include Doraemon, Pokemon, Bey-Blade, and a few others. There are many animated series inspired by Indian mythologies and stories from the past that are popping to the forefront and young people in India are taking pleasure in them the most.


Nowadays, children can have the choice of watching cartoon characters on TV instead of reading or watching cartoons in books. Cartoon characters that Indian children love include Chota Bheem PakdamPakdai, and MotuPatlu to mention some. Cartoon characters are very popular in India.

The Top 10 Most Well-Respected Cartoon Characters from India

Check out the most popular cartoon characters from India. 30 6

  • Motu along with Patlu are the stars of Lot Pot Comics and they have been popular with kids for over four decades. Motu is big and friendly and is keen on samosas. And his pal Patlu, even though the latter isn’t able to read, always has newspapers along with him. They’re easy and usually inexperienced at handling situations, but they can manage challenging circumstances with the help of their companions. One particular statement is constantly mentioned in the show “Bure Kaam Ka Bura Naija“. This is why, in a fun manner, certain Indian principles are taught by kids while watching the animated series. The children love this show. Not just Motu, as well as Patlu but many other characters from the series, are loved by youngsters. They comprise Dr. Jhatka, Ghasitram, Inspector Chingum, John, Number 1 and Number 2 Boxer, and many more. Overall, it’s fun for kids but also adults. 31 5

  • Chota Bheem is among the most popular Indian cartoons of the present. The story is based on Bheem’s childhood as a kid and lived in a tiny village called Dholakpur. He is considered to be the strongest person in the village, however, he isn’t proud of it. In reality, he’s depicted as a cheerful, happy child with a bunch of peers who play with him and loves him. A single of its impressive traits of Bheem is the insatiable desire for ‘ladoos’ which is an Indian sweet. The characters Kaalia and twin brothers Dhullu and Bulu fight Bheem however, they join Bheem’s group eventually. The television show is built on short stories that depict the way Chota Bheem, along with his comrades overcome challenges in a way that is both brave and righteous and triumphs in the final. The script is easy and easy for children to can comprehend and appreciate the series quite a bit. 32 6

  • Pakdam:  the comedy cartoon which has been gaining immense popularity in recent years. The characters and the dialogues are similar to Bollywood films and kids love the show very much. The story revolves around the pursuit of a cute pet and 3 mice. 33 5

  • Tom and Jerry is a comedy show that has been popular with children over the years. It’s an animated series that isn’t just loved by kids and their parents, but also by adults. The story of the stupid and cruel cat Tom and the incredibly clever and clever mouse Jerry is never-ending. The show is about the philosophy of life as well as about finding the path toward happiness for all. 34 6

  • Doraemon is a cat that is robotic and the stories revolve around him. The cat is back from the 22nd century to assist the little boy. The most enjoyable part of these stories is that each one is told in a light mood, with humorous moments, and is focused on moral lessons such as the importance of love, patience, and honesty. 35 6

  • Mr. Bean is an animated series that isn’t only popular with kids however, adults enjoy the show as well. The grumpy protagonist Mr. Bean lives with an elderly lady and a furry cat and the story revolves around the characters. A large portion of the show is devoid of spoken dialogue and just the gestures and amazing faces of. Bean makes you laugh and smile. 36 6

  • Ben is a ten-year-old boy who stumbles across the mysterious watch Omnitrix. The watch can’t be taken off, and it changes him into a variety of alien types. The story’s premise is Ben fighting to protect planet Earth from alien invasion. But, at the age of 11, Ben finds a way to remove Omnitrix however only for a brief period. 37 6

  • Roll No. 21: Roll No 21 is a series that revolves around the tales of the modern version of Lord Krishna and his two sons, Kris and Kans who is transformed into Kanishk. Kanishk is determined to rule the entire world together as Mathura and Kris are a hurdle in his path. But, Kris is shown like the other kids in school however, he transforms into an ethereal one when it is needed. 38 5

  • Dora the Explorer: Dora the Explorer is among the most popular television series for children in India. Dora is on a quest to complete, but she discovers more things to do and meets numerous new people. The way the series is presented is appreciated by kids. 39 6

  • Sally Bollywood is liked by young children across India. Sally is the head of a detective agency located in her basement home. She is a singer and dances in Bollywood fashion. The show is based on Sally working on various cases employing different methods of technology introduced to her by her school buddies.

So, the next time you witness your child mimicking the characters mentioned above Don’t be shocked. Children are affected by cartoon characters frequently and attempt to imitate the characters they love most in their lives. The trick is to help them concentrate on the benefits of behavior since the majority of characters that appear in cartoons today resemble people who are in everyday life as well.


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