Will a Trump-like candidate win in Argentina? The election, explained. – Lifotravel

BUENOS AIRES — On Sunday, Argentines are voting in a pivotal presidential election that could deliver a win for the global far-right movement and a blow to the country’s political establishment.

Or it could lead to a continuation of the Peronist movement that has long dominated politics in the third-largest economy in Latin America.

As the country faces its worst economic crisis in two decades, Argentina will choose between Javier Milei — a libertarian economist who has embraced comparisons to Donald Trump and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro — and Sergio Massa, the center-left economic minister overseeing the floundering economy.

The candidates are extremely close in the polls, with Milei claiming a razor-thin lead. Here’s what to know about one of Latin America’s most watched elections this year.

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