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How do you make a man miss you?
How do you make a man miss you?

Good to have you here, since you are here that means you are looking for what to do to make a man miss you. And I believe you will make out a short time to read this article well for I will tell you the things that you want to know. “How Do You Make A Man Miss You?”

How do you make a man miss you?

Well, this question is something most ladies have been asking and have been looking for an answer to it. To make a man miss you is not a hard task or a big problem. So please read carefully as I guide you on what to do.

Here are things you need to be doing for him to miss you and also love you;


Show him care and advice him.

 Caring for the guy you love is the most straightforward way to make him miss you when you are not around. Whenever you are with him, try to give him advice or correct him when you see him making a mistake or trying to do something that you know that is not of help, stop him from doing it his way, and give me a better idea.


Help Him Reduce Cost or Expenses.

Don’t make a mistake of allowing your man to spend anyhow. The truth about this is that if you are the kind of girl that help me minimize his budget and save him from spending too much on things that you buy or use when cooking for him. Then be less assured that he will surely miss your presence when you are not around because the easiest way to go into a man’s heart is food and money.

“How Do You Make A Man Miss You?” 

Cook for him.

If you are a girl reading this and you are the type that doesn’t cook for your man or you don’t know how to cook, and you are reading this. Then I advise you now to quickly learn how to cook, and start making tasty meals for your man. Cooking for him won’t only make him miss you but will also make him love you more, especially if you learn about his delicious food and prepare it for him.


Be friendly and free with his friends and family.

Learn to be friendly and free with people he loves and people that live around him. Because doing so will make them always ask him about you whenever you are not around. And that will also make him be thinking about you or seeing you as a good girl or lady to live with. As he is doing all this, he will be missing you and will also love you more.

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All this said above are things that can make a guy miss you, and now if you have more, you think that will also make a man miss you, then let us know in the comment box for others to learn too, thanks.

“How Do You Make A Man Miss You?”

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