California man steals Amazon delivery truck after robbing houses, police say

A California man led police on a wild chase on July 25 after stealing an Amazon delivery truck following several home burglaries, police say.

The carjacking of the Amazon delivery truck happened at around 5:18 p.m. when police were responding to two robbery calls in a Riverside, California mobile home park.

When police were responding to the robbery calls, officials were also receiving several calls of an Amazon delivery truck that had hit several parked vehicles, according to the Riverside Police Department, who said that the same suspect, Quintin Jarnall Larks, 32, stole the truck.


When police attempted to stop the Amazon delivery truck, it failed to stop, which lead police on a pursuit on a freeway. The truck hit three vehicles, according to police.


The pursuit ended when the truck became disabled and the driver attempted to flee the area by foot, but was arrested after being unable to climb a barrier wall.

None of the injuries resulting from the collisions were serious, police said.

Larks was taken to a local hospital where he was medically cleared, and then charged with home invasion robbery, attempted murder, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon, reckless evading of police, and suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs causing injury.

The man is being held at a local jail on $1 million bail.

Riverside Police Department Captain Chad Milby said that the situation was chaotic, but officers handled it well.

“This suspect posed a significant threat to our community,” Milby said. “The composure and professionalism our officers, field supervisors and dispatchers performed during this intense and chaotic situation not only led to the apprehension of a very dangerous criminal, but demonstrated the high level of training our department goes through to keep Riverside safe.”

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