What Is Baby Lamination? A How-To + Brow Expert Tips – Lifotravel

First, let’s go over the process of regular brow lamination. Think of this treatment as a chemical relaxer or perm for your brows: “[It’s] a brow styling technique that involves the process of the use of a perming and fixing solution to chemically straighten out the brow hairs and achieve a perfectly-set shape with a … Read more

How To Correctly Map Your Brows, From A Celebrity Brow Artist – Lifotravel

There I was, having my brows expertly groomed by celebrity brow artist Kristie Streicher. My poor set of arches are pretty wimpy and sparse (I rarely even touch them without the help of a seasoned pro), so you better believe I kept my ears open for tips as the eyebrow whisperer laminated, tinted, and plucked … Read more

Uh, Our Beauty Editors Cannot Stop Obsessing Over This Product For Fluffy, Natural Brows – Lifotravel

The Kosas formula features similar players to the original defining pencil: soft waxes to help the pigment hold its shape and key hydrators, like castor oil and panthenol, to nourish the fine hairs and aid growth.  The biggest difference between the two products lies in the shape of the pencil. The original Brow Pop pencil … Read more

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Experts deem the aging filter on TikTok as pretty realistic—however, it does miss a few key shifts. That’s not to scare you off even more when you look into the proverbial crystal ball (in fact, we’d argue our society’s deep fear of aging is deeply problematic), but it’s important to know that this filter isn’t … Read more

How To Use Castor Oil For Eyelashes, From An Optometrist – Lifotravel

“I am an optometrist and I actually use castor oil on my eyes every day,” optometrist Carly Rose, O.D., says in her recent TikTok video.  Rose clearly states that it’s not going to improve your vision or transform the health of your eyes (like some people have claimed online), but it’s still a safe staple … Read more

I Used To Hate Brow Pencils, But ILIA’s Clean Option Helps Me Fake A Brow Tint  – Lifotravel

I’m not shy about my aversion to brow pencils. I can acknowledge their ability to create tiny, hairlike wisps in precise areas—perfect if you have noticeable gaps like me. However, most pencils contain waxes (candelilla, carnauba, etc.) that help the pigment adhere to the brows and hold shape, which means they can also grip the … Read more

An Easy 3-Step Makeup Routine For Timeless, Natural-Looking Brows – Lifotravel

So you found the beginning of your brow, you defined your arch, and now it’s time to address the tail. “Align [the pencil] diagonally from the outer corner of the eye,” Vucetaj says. Similar to how you may prepare for a winged eyeliner look.  “This will determine the perfect stopping point for your brow and … Read more

3 High Maintenance Tips To Stay Low Maintenance, From Pros – Lifotravel

For those with thin, sparse brows, eyebrow tinting can be a game-changer: “It maximizes your brow potential by making every hair count,” brow expert Joey Healy says about the service. Meaning, those light, baby hairs above your brows you never really knew existed finally show up to the party, making your arches way more full … Read more

How To Shape Eyebrows: Tips From The Pros + Your Best Brow Shape, Explained – Lifotravel

If you’re super cautious and follow all of the tips above, your chances of making a huge mistake are low—but never none. If you’ve overplucked, trimmed to short, or botched the shape entirely, start by putting the tools down.  If you have access to an eyebrow expert, book an appointment ASAP. These brow rehab jobs … Read more