A 3-Step Routine For Shampooing With Less Shedding, From A Pro – Lifotravel

Every beauty professional has their nonnegotiable steps. In our series, Like a Pro, we tap experts for the top three techniques they absolutely swear by. Here, you’ll hear from a variety of industry insiders on the fail-safe tricks they always keep in their back pockets. We’re all about simplifying your beauty regimen wherever you can, and … Read more

An Aesthetics Rejuvenation Expert’s Top 3 Ways To Firm Your Skin – Lifotravel

Ah, but skin aging isn’t just about the skin’s surface. As Goodman previously shared during an episode of Clean Beauty School, skin aging actually comprises a mix of changes to the bone structure, muscles, lymphatic system, fat, and then skin.  As we lose bone and muscle over time, our facial structure becomes imbalanced in a … Read more

3 Oils To Use On Your Scalp For Hydration & Hair Growth, From A Trichologist – Lifotravel

Hannah Frye is the Assistant Beauty & Health Editor at mindbodygreen. She has a B.S. in journalism and a minor in women’s, gender, and queer studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Hannah has written across lifestyle sections including skin care, women’s health, mental health, sustainability, social media trends, and more. She previously … Read more

3 Tips To Make Hair Naturally Look Fuller, From A Top Stylist  – Lifotravel

If your hair easily falls limp, you might steer clear of styling the roots in fear of weighing down the strands. According to Josh, this is a big mistake: “Neglecting to apply these products to the roots while your hair is damp can hinder your ability to shape and style your hair according to your … Read more

Common Hair Changes That Happen As You Get Older + What To Do – Lifotravel

As your hormones begin to change, you may start noticing thinner hair. “As estrogen fluctuates toward an overall trend of less, the counterpart hormones are increasing,” Schaffer says.  When these hormones increase, you may notice your strands feeling lighter. “The rise in androgens shrinks the hair shaft [so] individual hair diameter shrinks,” she explains.  These … Read more

A Celebrity Esthetician & Manicurist’s 3 Tips For A Nail Facial – Lifotravel

The massage portion is the best part of any facial, IMO. Just like an esthetician might knead in your moisturizer, choose a high-quality cuticle oil and hand cream to rub into your nail beds and hands.  “Invest in a quality hand cream that works more like an active face serum for visible results,” says Petroni. … Read more

3 Tips To Extend Your Hair Wash Day & Delay Greasy Roots – Lifotravel

When selecting your shampoo, go with a sulfate-free formula. “This will help extend the life of your wash day. A sulfate-free shampoo will be less drying and will gently clean the hair without stripping it,” certified trichologist and founder of Colour Collective Kerry Yates tells mindbodygreen.  Sulfates are such potent surfactants that they can actually … Read more

A Dermatologist Shares 3 Natural Tips To Smooth Cellulite – Lifotravel

Let’s just say this upfront: No treatment will completely get rid of cellulite. It’s a deeper skin concern that will require more invasive skin procedures to actually eliminate. And even if you do invest in the in-office route, there’s a good chance that cellulite will start to reappear over time1.  See, “Cellulite is caused by … Read more

3 Hacks To Smell Good All Day, From A Professional Nose – Lifotravel

Finally, consider how you spray your perfume. The biggest mistake people make, says Eckels, is the common “mist and walk” technique. “The ‘mist and walk’ is not a thing,” she declares. “You’re wasting far more fragrance than what is actually landing on your skin and clothes.” While you may know to apply on your pulse … Read more

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One huge misconception in the beauty space is that any affordable product with similar ingredients to a more expensive option (aka, a “dupe”) provides all the same benefits at half the price.  However, it’s far more complex than simply glancing at the back of your bottle. “I really do think formulation matters, and sometimes ‘dupes’ … Read more