THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

I really like seeing how other cultures do the mundane things i do back at domestic. what do american expats miss the most things i miss about America when abroad in pandemic situation.

I nonetheless love transferring around the world and experiencing new matters, but, i miss you sometimes, i get homesick or pissed off and i lengthy for a touch sense of domestic. Some thing to make the arena seem a piece more comforting.

Here are some of the things I miss about America :- THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Shopping Hours


I love comfort. I love understanding that if it’s 8pm at night time on a sunday i can buy groceries or do a brief errand. I like knowing if i’ve a cold that somewhere is open for me to get medicine. Past due dinner? Forgot the olive oil? No hassle! The supermarket’s nevertheless open.


It’s sunday at 7pm and your computer breaks? No problem! Exceptional purchase remains open. His is one of the reasons i really like asia so much. There’s no such element as last time. A few region is usually open for you. In so many elements of the sector, shops and services near at 6pm and on sundays. It’s inconvenient, especially in case you paintings a normal job.

I don’t want 24 hours, simply stores that regulate to running hours.

Oh pricey lort, i sure omit the shopping hours in the usa. Need to run a short errand? There are heaps of 24/7 shops. Forgot the vegan dumplings? Run to the grocery keep. Have a chilly and need a few therflu to kick it inside the rear? I guarantee there’s some quite sturdy over the counter remedy to help you available.

I’m a morning character. I love getting my errands and things done before anybody else does. Despite the fact that i wake up early in korea, i’m getting my errands commenced at 10am the way all of us else does… in korea, stores open past due and near late as well.


I love being waited on and having attentive servers and those in stores who’re pleasant and helpful. I like having those who say hello, please, and thank you. It’s pleasant, mainly when you’re now not checked out funny for announcing it your self. Humans have this impact that americans are loud and obnoxious however american politeness is grossly unappreciated by means of the arena. american products not available in mexico

Taco bell

It could be lousy meals, however i like it. You can simplest locate it in the united states, and when I come back home, i gorge on it. I just hope taco bell realizes the untapped marketplace of yankee expats they’ve and starts to increase overseas. My country for a gordita!

sushi 354628 1920 THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Good sushi

I ought to in no way live in an area without right sushi, and i’m always sad to locate bad sushi once I journey. Many people say the America has the pleasant sushi outdoor japan (we’re a large marketplace and have a variety of direct flights to japan). I agree. At the same time as i’ve found desirable sushi in london, paris, and melbourne, the menu is never as large as in the America , and it’s usually very steeply-priced.

I miss being able to eat clean, mouthwatering fish from an intensive menu. Even in locations like denver, you could find great sushi. Once I return to the America in june, sushi may be the primary meal i have off the plane.

Reese’s peanut butter cups

In all my travels, new zealand is the best united states i’ve discovered this chocolate and peanut butter goodness in. Whoever invented this have to win a nobel prize. They’re so true, my mouth waters simply considering them. I haven’t any concept why i can’t locate them in different international locations, however i will’t wait to consume them. I used to be so excited to locate them in new zealand, i ate five packets in a row.


rigel p0 vPMmLz8Y unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

As a movie buff, i miss looking good unbiased films. At the same time as overseas, i continually listen about true films that i’ll in no way get to peer. I’m nevertheless watching for up within the air, and i’m now also going to overlook teens in insurrection. If i’m fortunate, itunes can have one or two however by and large, i omit out on all the precise fox searchlight and attention features films that take me back to the fact the destiny of hollywood isn’t misplaced but.

Oh the rage i had whilst i discovered out superstar wars and little women become now not going to hit theaters in korea on the same time as the us. I leave out impartial movies. The only time they display is at gala’s just like the busan global movie pageant.

I like foreign movies and i love discovering new and upcoming indie movies two. Both scenes which are particularly hidden or non-existent in korea. I additionally like going to the films and the overly salty buttery popcorn.

24-hour cable information

I leave out cable news, due to the fact once I watch it, i’m reminded of the way lots better my existence is after I travel and don’t watch it.


kashika gokhale WFMgeB5phJ8 unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation
Credit to Kashika Gokhale

On occasion, saturday night time live has an excellent skit, which you could watch on hulu. I will’t watch seeing that i’m now not inside the us and am far too lazy to installation a proxy server.


I leave out the diversity of the America. I love being capable of listen a million extraordinary languages from a million one of a kind humans as i stroll through towns. I like being able to get meals from all over the international. In asia, getting excellent mexican isn’t impossible however pretty difficult. In europe, finding correct japanese or korean food is the equal. I’ve but to be impressed with the japanese food in new zealand.

Or the mexican. And what i’d give for a few ethiopian food or an awesome falafel! Say what you want approximately america, but the diversity in subculture, food, and those is lacking in lots of components of the world. We’re a melting pot, and it’s beautiful.

Residing in typically homogeneous nations, it makes it easy for me to stand out like a sore thumb. I rarely listen overseas languages unless i’m in itaewon, and that i have a tendency to now not congregate there due to the fact a number of the overseas guys are the most dodgy and creepy human beings i’ve ever encountered.

omar lopez T6zu4jFhVwg unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

I grew up in a suburb of chicago and was privy to human beings from all around the global. Heck, we actually have divisions of the town like little italy, little poland, or even chinatown. Most of my closest pals growing up were asian.

I really like hearing other languages and watching distinctive humans interact. It feels stifling when ads promoting one ideal of splendor for ladies and men.

I additionally loved seeing all of the interracial couples at the same time as i was returned domestic. Because bet what? In case you have been born and raised in the America and your parents are a specific race… wager what? You’re still f*cking american.

Open and large space

I’ve lived in two international locations that are lots smaller than my own—korea and japan. And trust me after I let you know, i sense the size difference all of the time. Sidewalks are smaller, automobiles are smaller, homes are smaller. Sheet even the lavatories are smaller.

(have you ever attempted pulling your attracts down in a tiny stall wherein you maintain bouncing your elbows off the walls? Allow me tell you, it’s now not my concept of fun.)

I never appreciated how big america became until i blew my pupil’s minds once I informed them south korea turned into the equal length as indiana.

carlos alfonso HCcmfL l08I unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Larger Everything

Once I indulge… you best agree with i want that extra massive jamba juice mango smoothie. I need that top notch massive cup of birthday cake remix from bloodless stone.

I’m no longer from texas (proud chicagoan right here) but my own family moved down there and everything is larger… and better. I can really get in the back of that. I’m down with the larger motors, larger dogs, and bigger open regions.

Similarly, i’m 5’7 (one hundred seventy cm for the rest of the sector). I’m a tall girl and i wear a us foot length nine. Despite the fact that i’m tall and plus size in the united states, i’m able to find anything and the whole thing i want. Most asian ladies are lots, a great deal shorter and smaller than i. Don’t get me incorrect.

There’s nothing incorrect with being a smaller human as a korean in korea. Merchandise, places, and vehicles were made to deal with most of the people. I am now not most of the people and suffer as a consequence. Lol.

filip mroz 0hJL8lBl0qQ unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Clean Air

Need i say more? That is my largest criticism whilst living in asia. While japan by no means had air pleasant so awful i woke up hacking… korea maximum surely does. It’s the most miserable aspect within the global to awaken to a dismally gray sky, and not as it’s iciness, rainy, or cloudy, but because there’s a giant soaring cloud of shit above you.

natasha t aZcyFX5ca6A unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Vegan meals

Even as i respect the rising vegan food scene in korea… it’s exactly that… emerging.

Maximum koreans are unnecessarily captivated with pork and that’s now not how i need to live my existence. If you want beef, you then do you, boo. It’s so much less difficult to make fitness aware alternatives in the America due to the fact there are greater people with my body type.

And i can examine the back of the labels extra efficiently and fast than i can here. Genetically, many asian human beings are tinier and correct for them!

I wasn’t made of the equal shit, so i love with the intention to read my labels and recognise exactly what’s in what i’m eating. Even as consuming rice each day doesn’t cause them to fats… it simply makes me amazing fats.

brooke lark qdyBKWSzpSI unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Food in popular

Have you ever had candy sushi?

If that sounds disgusting, it’s because it is. The rice beneath the fish tastes candy to me. I don’t recognise why koreans make the whole lot sweet. (along with their very own meals.)

i will taste the wonder of the gochujang 고추장 which is meant to be a “spicy” paste. I’ve had it with candy meats, candy snacks that don’t have any commercial enterprise being candy, and sweet potato with corn on pinnacle of pizza.

I’m used to my meals having a more savory flavor. I need my meals salty and my candies sweet. For me, there need to be a totally clean distinction among dessert and a meal. Right here, i experience like the ones two matters walk on the equal line. Consequently i prepare dinner the general public of my food at domestic that is sad because i need to consume out and be lazy…

I even omit a great old style loaded veggie sandwich from scrubway. In asia, they legitimate rely the variety of pickles they put on your sandwich. Are you crying but?

And i’ve pulled my last damn straw with sugar being on pinnacle cross garlic bread. Why the fuck is there sugar on top of the fucking garlic bread? (are you able to inform i’m without a doubt angry by means of the sugar on top of garlic bread?) if that makes you want to die interior… i died one thousand deaths the primary time i put it in my mouth.

javier molina L99H7JKYPVY unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation


While i do have the option of ordering jeans that fit me from the american eagle curvy series and having them shipped out… that’s approximately all i get. There are greater unique and thrilling portions in the America to select from.

In korea when something is on fashion, anybody and their brother is sporting it. Which in flip makes me need to wear the whole lot else. Maximum fashion in korea involves very, very quick bottoms and dishevelled, shapeless tops with a first-rate high neckline. Neither of this apparel portions healthy my body type and that i keep away from maximum korean garb stores if i will assist it.

hipster mum 036nQiD9mIY unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Personal area

Not anything makes me greater uncomfortable than people now not standing an arm’s period away from me. Whilst most of the time koreans do hold their area, sometimes my students and coworkers get a little too near and it makes me die inside.

Old human beings

The sense of entitlement from the ajhussi and ajhumma here in korea can make every person’s blood boil. I’ve had older seize my waist and flow me to the side. Others have put their knuckles directly into my lower back.

I hate it. It’s rude. It’s ignorant. I want it might forestall.

And they’re additionally lucky this isn’t America due to the fact i likely might have became round and drop kicked them the moment they touched my body inappropriately.

jusfilm XHK4wqY V I unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Less racism

I’m gonna go with pronouncing “much less racism” because till everybody in my America . Is treated pretty irrespective of their sexual orientation, united states, race, faith, or gender, then i’ll say the america is a paradise. I also need to feature, i grew up in a greater tolerant region due to the fact i used to be surrounded by way of humans from all around the world.

Unluckily right here in korea, i’ve actually had people inform me to my face i’m able to’t do certain matters because i’m a foreigner. My jaw in no way dropped decrease than the time i used to be told by means of my financial institution i’m not allowed to apply my bank card to make on line purchases or switch money because i’m now not korean.

Pero, like… ultimate i checked in the America, you obtain the cash you could purchase your shit. I wager that doesn’t remember a lot here in korea.

I’ve also had humans pick fights with me for no different reason than they may and due to the fact they realize i’m able to’t do plenty to shield myself. (recently, some loopy girl actually grabbed my backpack making me think i was getting mugged and pulled me down the stairs.) again, she was lucky i didn’t punch her inside the face.

samantha sophia 0Pr hklNKQo unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

My native language is everywhere

It’s so high-quality being capable of do things in reality and with out a headache. Agree with me once I inform you, there’s nothing like strolling right into a phone save and being capable of ask questions about a plan and no longer have every body help me.

I’m able to do a lot in korean, it just takes me a surely long term. And i like to be efficient. Time is valuable and time is money.

shari sirotnak mv7Wm olOQk unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

Watching sports games

They say chicago is a drinking city with a sports activities hassle. We adore our sports teams no matter how awful they’re. And that consists of da bears.

I miss going to a sports bar. One among my preferred cliche hangouts become buffalo wild wings. I cherished sporting my jersey and looking the blackhawks play.

Unpopular opinion. I really like consuming shitty, ice cold, american coors mild beer. Sorry, eu pals, but there’s not anything like the flavor of sugary freedom that receives ya while watching an american football sport.

nuno alberto iCxPY1OxpeA unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

American media

After a few years of telling the fashion industry and media what we want, i’m starting to see increasingly diverse people. I omit seeing different types of splendor and what the present day indicates are. I don’t care a whole lot for kdramas and suppose it’s all of the identical. Except, it’s extremely good depressing they give up after one season.

I’m uninterested in listening to the same kpop songs on repeat in korean stores. I don’t provide a rattling about bts. I omit pandora and i like exclusive bands being cautioned to me. It’s how i became partial to saving abel.

the creative exchange sBhg2pFvUzs unsplash THINGS I MISS ABOUT AMERICA When Abroad in pandemic situation

The holiday season

Is it obnoxious af in america? You guess your ass it’s miles, but i don’t care. I like the christmas carols, events, and lighting. I like wearing santa hats, redecorating the tree, making italian christmas cookies and mexican tamales.

Everything that makes christmas for me is in order that not… here… unless you’re in a big metropolis, it’s proper, but anywhere else is simply plain depressing.

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